Drugs, improvised weapons unearthed at NA Prison

A raid at the New Amsterdam Prison has unearthed a number of contraband items.

New Amsterdam Prison

The Police have said that, on Wednesday, a total of 85 ranks from the Joint Services conducted a raid at about 06:20h at the Prison. Among the items confiscated were six lighters, a quantity of wires, one phone charger, a quantity of Ziplock bags, four metal spoons, six improvised weapons, a quantity of razor blades, one adapter, two phone batteries, four chargers and cables, eight Ziplock bags containing leaves, seeds, stems and 30 grams of ganja.
Prison officials also found one pair of scissors, four cellular phones, one mirror and one nail clip.
Only last week, two inmates of the Lusignan Prison were found with a quantity of ganja and several contraband items, following a raid.
Prison officials conducted a search on the two inmates and discovered 490 grams of cannabis in their possession.
They also unearthed one cellphone, one earpiece, 29 packets of cigarettes, a quantity of Ziploc bags, 12 smoking papers, a quantity of tobacco leaves, and $30,000.
Following the discovery, the suspected cannabis was weighed in their presence and amounted to 490 grams. The items and the inmates were taken to the Vigilance Police Station. (G9)