Easter reminds us of our responsibility to love, support each other – PNCR

The People’s National Congress Reform wishes all Guyanese, both at home and abroad, not only a happy Easter but a purposeful one. We encourage our fellow citizens to learn to love and to forgive and to make sacrifices in the interest of our common national good. We encourage you to understand that when circumstances seem at their worst, there is still reason for hope. May this glorious season remind you of God’s love for us and our responsibility to love and support each other.
Easter is one of the most important seasons of the Christian faith – starting from Palm Sunday, then Good Friday, and finally Easter Sunday.
Palm Sunday reminds us of Jesus’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Good Friday reminds us of his brutal treatment culminating in crucifixion. Easter Sunday reminds us of Jesus rising from the dead. Each of the Christian gospels explains the purpose for which Jesus came into the world. In John 3:16, Jesus himself tells of God’s love and concern for mankind. Not only does God say He loves us but He has demonstrated that love by sending Jesus with the express purpose of sacrificing His life so that mankind might be redeemed.
It is the Christian’s belief that the blood of Christ shed on a cross at a place called Calvary is the full price for man’s redemption. Christians also believe that beyond the suffering and the horrors of crucifixion, they can still rejoice in the glory of his resurrection and his triumph over the grave.
May this glorious season, therefore, remind us all of God’s love for us, of Jesus’s sacrifice, and our responsibility to love and show sincere concern for our fellow humankind.
Happy Easter and God bless our nation.