Easter celebration strengthens national unity – GAWU

We are well aware that Easter has a special place in the faith of Christianity, and we are fully cognisant of the fact that it is a period observed with reverence and prayers. The observance of Easter goes back a long way in our country and its national recognition calls attention to the diverse religious faiths which make up the spiritual fabric of our society.
Religious faiths and their meaningful and moral underpinnings have and continue to have an influencing role in our lives, offering guidance and helping so many to avoid or endure the pitfalls one finds in life’s journey.
Over the years, Easter is widely associated with kite-flying, an activity that is popular and engaged in by Guyanese of all faiths. This national celebration can be considered as yet another activity that goes to strengthen national unity along the way of consolidating our nationhood.
On this occasion, the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) is pleased to send special wishes to that substantial portion of its membership who are Christians. Many of them will have to face up, together with their colleague workers, to the reality that Easter this year will be observed but not without concerns over the loss of jobs or the threat to employment that hangs over their heads. Moreover, their plight today is worsened by various economic pressures, tax burdens, and erosion of standards that are also part of today’s reality.
One of the abiding messages associated with Easter is that of hope. In our challenging times, that message strengthens the resolve of workers and those suffering from burdens that their struggles and sacrifices for betterment will win out. Let the Easter period keep our hopes alive and undaunted by the adversities in our steady march to a satisfying future.
A happy Easter to all Guyanese from GAWU.