ECCC/SPR Enterprise 40-Over tourney commences Sunday

The 2019 edition of the East Coast Cricket Committee/ SPR Enterprise 40 Over cricket competition is slated to commence this weekend with matches at seven grounds on the East Coast of Demerara.
This competition, which is in its third year, will see 19 teams vying for honours across two groups, with the preliminary rounds being played in a round-robin format. The last edition of this competition was severely hampered by prolonged

ECCC Former Champions, Enmore will be looking to reclaim the trophy in 2019

inclement weather, and as a result, the organisers have decided to start this competition early this year, while the weather is favourable for cricket.
After the last finals, in December 2018, the sponsor’s representative Scottie Ramroop challenged teams on the East Coast Demerara to display more discipline in an effort to encourage parents to have their young children engage in sports.
The following teams have been placed in their respective groups: Lusignan SC (A) are the defending champions, and they are in Group A, while 2018 semifinalist Fairfield SC and Better Hope A will join ECCCC and Strathavon SC in Group B. In Group A: at Lusignan, Lusignan SC (A) will be taking on Cane Grove SC; while at Buxton, Buxton SC will engage Helena/Supply SC.
At Fairfield, Fairfield SC will be duking it out with Mahaica Cavs, while at Better Hope, Better Hope Sixers will attempt to overthrow Lusignan East. In Group B: Ogle will host Paradise SC, Strathavon SC (A) will see off Lusignan B at Strathavon, and Enmore CCCC will host Mahaica SC.
Cricket action will commence at 11:00 hrs.