Either GECOM has no common sense or simply supporting PNC’s playbook

Dear Editor,
It’s either GECOM needs a massive dose of common sense or it’s simply playing along with the Alexander/PNC playbook of maximum delay of the counting process. How can an agency and a Chair charged with delivering fair, credible elections in a speedy manner, do all it can to do the opposite, and not care about its reputation or irreparable harm to the whole nation?
I listened to the recount audio but it’s totally meaningless since I have no idea as to which box or polling place is being counted, and the voices are mostly inaudible. That context of which box is being counted is important for the audio to be meaningful. Does nobody in GECOM have the common sense to add the Polling Station name for each box on the audio screen? Further, if GECOM is arguing that video and audio are important for the blind and deaf for the tabulation process, how about shifting from audio to video for the recounting process? Don’t we care about the deaf and blind for that too? They are simply adding things to appear compassionate and caring but it’s all choreographed to slow down the process. But to quote the WPA when Walter Rodney was assassinated by the PNC, “This act in itself will not delay their day of judgment.” The PNC is going down, as they have lost to the PPP. The PNC must concede now! Game over! Swear in Dr Irfaan Ali now with the promise to the PNC that there will be no recriminations.
At a time when more speed is needed and the counting needs to be on steroids or Viagra, GECOM is instead prolonging the national torment and trauma by adding unneeded steps to the process. Every added step makes the process less efficient. Take, for instance, the Observation Report. At first, they were displaying for 10 seconds, then they added 5 seconds more. So even if there are no comments noted, why do you need to wait 15 seconds, instead of moving on? Why do you need to wait 15 seconds if there are only 2 lines of comments? Common sense would say you use a sliding scale of time for no comments, a few lines of comments and longer time for longer comments up to 15 seconds. Now they are reading the comments, taking up more time. But this whole activity is totally unnecessary and useless. GECOM could simply post all the SoRs, tabulations and Observation Reports on its website, as this is all public information. It’s the peoples’ business.
Good to see some commonsense prevailed in starting the tabulation process an hour earlier that would let them catch up with all the boxes counted so far. However, it’s one step forward two steps back with the GECOM we have. How does it make sense to close off counting at 5:00 pm, if you want to push to get close to the 25-day assigned for recounting? There were some boxes with 10 votes, 15 votes, 50 votes, etc. Why could they not arrange the containers in a manner to access the smaller boxes to use up the 2 hours? If each station closes at 5:00 pm, we are losing 20 hours of counting per day. How does that make any sense or have any logic if the goal is to expedite the count? Does GECOM think the Caricom folks and other observers would stay on beyond 25 days? We should add 5 or 10 more counting stations now.
The Commission must be more pragmatic and flexible to do what is reasonable and expedient to move the process forward. The Commission can go beyond the Gazette and do more as long as it is enhancing the process. We are doing a recount of boxes because the Chair failed to do her job in the Region Four count. After the Chief Justice ruled his fraudulent rigsheet to be illegal, the Chair should have censured Mingo and turned him over to the police for fraudulent numbers, and continue the Region Four count using other personnel. Why is the Chair allowing the PNC to prolong our long national nightmare by adding more time-eating shenanigans? This is simply unacceptable!

Jerry Singh