Legitimate hopes

Dear Editor,
I have always wondered why so many people are disengaged from politics. Everything is clearer now; many people choose not to be involved because of the types of politicians and the political parties in power. Most parties are not ‘for the people’ and do not portray equality. They are not transparent and truthful. They prefer to rig and cheat electoral processes and fabricate results.
Personally, politics is not my cup of tea, mostly because I am still young and learning, but it is time I expressed my thoughts on our current, never-ending issues.
Politics may be seen as ‘dirty’ and ‘corrupt’ for many people, but society simply expects ‘democracy’ and ‘honesty’ from a Government.
I have seen my friends, who were first-time voters, hopeless and strong-headed on never voting again due to the saddening result of our March 2020 General and Regional Elections. I could not cast my vote this election and I am 100 per cent convinced I may never want to after what occurred and is in process currently.
Thousands of Guyanese came out on March 2, 2020, to cast their vote. Pregnant women, old feeble individuals, excited first-time voters stood in the piping hot sun for hours, tired, hungry, even ill.
I know of three people – one who had a surgery done prior to Elections Day and the other two showed up with crutches, despite their pain. Regardless of their situation, they stood optimistically, confidently, and vigilantly to vote for a political party that will guarantee development, transparency and democracy in their eyes. Whichever box they inserted their “X” in, they expected and hoped for a free and fair elections.
It has been more than 68 days without an acting President or a Government for our nation. The electoral process for countries holding millions of people are often finalised between the span of 1 to 3 weeks and a winner is declared immediately. For Guyana, a country of approximately 600,000 voters, our electoral process was expected to be completed within a week, however, it has been over two dreadful months and counting.
We can all perceive the blatant ignorance, disregard and robbery of our votes – the votes of our fellow Guyanese. If a party is claiming victory, then produce fair elections results without delays, prevarications, excuses and making immature objections. Show the citizens the truth, declare a winning party. It is what every citizen of a country deserves. We practiced our civic duty and we expect a legitimate and lawful winner. We expect a Government that won rightfully and fairly.
We practiced our right as citizens and we were all promised and guaranteed a quick, hiccup-free, credible, fair and transparent elections. This has been going on way too long and I speak for everyone when I say: I am exhausted from hearing conversations, family debates and discussions about Guyana’s politics.
It is not entirely easy on us youths; we have to hear and feel it from our parents and family members who are often taking out their stress on us. The entire world is witnessing our deplorable and disgraceful situation. It is extremely shameful and absolutely embarrassing. Let democracy, transparency, credibility and honesty prevail, but most importantly, let the rights, voices and struggles of the Guyanese people be heard and respected!

Yours truly,
Hadiyyah Mohamed