Condemnation of statement by US Congressman

Dear Editor,
The International Center for Democracy (ICD) strongly condemns the statements made by United States Congressman Hakeem Jeffries on May 8, 2020, in an online interview with Rickford Burke, a known APNU activist who resides New York. The blatant fraud by Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) in cahoots with prominent members of the APNU/AFC regime to fraudulently declare the Region Four tabulation results in favour of APNU/AFC by using falsified data from an Excel spreadsheet instead of the actual Statements of Poll (SoPs) was witnessed first-hand and condemned by representatives from the ABCE countries, EU, OAS, Caricom, international and local observers, representatives from all competing parties and the world at large.
Congressman Jeffries’ failure to recognise or query why after two months Guyana still does not have a final election declaration is concerning and troublesome. Congressman Jefferies failed to inquire and address why the Guyana Government refused to allow The Carter Center to return to Guyana for the recount. The ICD would like to caution Congressman Jeffries that his comments were reckless, openly displayed his bias and impartiality in support of a specific political party in Guyana. Hundreds of US-based Guyanese registered voters have bombarded the ICD to voice their concerns and displeasure with Congressman Jeffries’ “biased and distasteful” comments in which they felt he “promoted division and increased tension” to undermine democracy in Guyana.
The ICD demands that Congressman Jeffries immediately issue a public statement to denounce the Rickford Burke post on social media, denounce electoral fraud, support the recount of ballots to be free, fair and transparent, demand that no political party use their authority to influence or sway GECOM staff from doing their job, demand that GECOM releases the SoPs from the March 2, 2020 elections, promote democracy in Guyana, willingness to support the next democratically elected President and Government and demand that those that were found to be involved in the election fraud be brought to justice.
The constitutional rights of Guyanese to vote and choose their President and Government must be respected by all Guyanese and the international community. The ICD awaits Congressman Jeffries’ issuance of his public statement and welcomes his support to the restoration of democracy in Guyana as we ensure that the recount of the ballots is completed and done in a free, fair and transparent manner and for the next democratically elected President and Government to be sworn in expeditiously.

International Center for Democracy