Elderly woman stabbed to death by nephew at Princes Street home

A 76-year-old woman has been stabbed to death at her Princes Street, Georgetown home, and her nephew whom she had taken care of since he was a child is the suspect in this matter.

Dead: Audrey Statia Elizabeth Harris

Audrey Statia Elizabeth Harris was found dead in her home at about 09:00h on Friday, December 2. Her body bore multiple stab wounds, and reports are that the alleged perpetrator of this act is her nephew, a person in his 50s who has been living in the bottom flat of her two-storey home. He has since gone into hiding.
When Guyana Times arrived on scene, the woman’s husband, Lawrence Hayde, said he was on his way to work when he was informed of his wife’s death. “I left at 7:30 this morning, after having a cup of coffee, and went to work. Before I leave, I kissed my wife and tell her to stay good, and I left. In the process of going to my job, I get a call from my friend…that my wife get stab up…. I told the driver turn back the truck, and when I come here [at the house], I see a ribbon tie down there,” Hayde detailed.

The house in which the woman was killed

“As I entered the premises, they told me x, y and z, so I demand my respect from them. They call me upstairs, and when I go upstairs, I see my wife in a pool of blood. I then got to understand that her nephew struck some part of her body with an obstacle like a hammer. She was screaming, that is why nobody didn’t attempt to rescue her at the set time”, Hayde explained.
Neighbours told this publication they had heard windows breaking and screams emanating from the house and thought something was amiss, so they immediately summoned the Police. This publication was informed that the woman had been suffering from a mental illness that would cause her to have bouts of outbursts, and that her nephew was also suffering from a mental illness.
Mr Hayde told the media he was informed that his wife had been the one breaking the windows. “He [the nephew] knows the situation of his aunt; it wasn’t supposed to reach that level. It is years this is going on with her. She brought him up – all of them [his siblings] – since their mother abandoned them when they were small. She mine them, she took care of them. Regardless of what he was doing, she shouldn’t have let it reach to that distance; even if it was provocation…,” he declared.
“At times my wife gets really upset, and you just don’t have to answer her, and leave her to say what she has to say. When she catch back herself, she would come and apologise”, he explained.
Hayde said his wife would have been celebrating her 77th birthday on December 20th, and she has now missed that opportunity, due to her nephew’s ignorance. “I heard she break up the windows. I know what happens with her, and I had tenants here that I didn’t even know. I rented them, and because of the situation, I kindly asked them to leave…and now she behave with the same thing…
“This had me thinking what led to this, because her nephew knows her. He always smoking up drugs and cussing her up, and she want him to move out”, he said.
Meanwhile, the Police have said that the suspect and the victim had had an argument earlier in the day, because she had wanted the suspect to move out from the house and the suspect had refused. During that argument, the suspect, who was armed with a knife, dealt the victim two stabs on both sides of her neck. At time of the incident, the victim was also armed with a hammer.
Upon being stabbed, the victim fell to the ground, and the suspect ran out of the yard and escaped in an unknown direction. The victim was later pronounced dead. The body was then taken to the Memorial Gardens Funeral Parlour to await a post-mortem.