Mother of 1 beaten to death by reputed husband

The motionless body of a mother of one was on Friday morning found lying on her bed in her First Hill, Soesdyke-Linden Highway home. The dead woman has been identified as 43-year-old Umadai Lall, also called “Samantha”.
According to the information received, the couple shared a common-law relationship for the past ten years.

Dead: Umadai Lall, also called “Samantha”

However, preliminary investigations revealed that on Wednesday, the suspect, a welder, left for work at 9:30h, leaving Lall and their two-year-old son at home.
However, he returned on Thursday at about 19:00h and saw Lall in a heavily intoxicated state and he spoke to her again about her drinking since this was not the first time she was found drunk.
As he spoke with her, she reportedly became abusive, and soon after she went to their bedroom and sat on the bed. The suspect later entered the bedroom to sleep but she continued to abuse him.
In retaliation, he reportedly got annoyed and dealt her several cuffs about her head and face after which he went to bed.
However, on Friday morning he realised that she was not breathing. At that time, he summoned a taxi and rushed her to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where she was pronounced dead. Several marks of violence were found on her face, hands, chest, and other parts of her body.
The suspect was contacted at the hospital where he was arrested and escorted to the doctor, but no marks of violence were seen on his body. The scene was processed but no blood was reportedly seen on the bed or in the house.
Meanwhile, during an audio-visual interview, the suspect admitted that he had beaten Lall. The woman’s body was taken to the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home awaiting post-mortem.