Ex-soldier who allegedly stabbed girlfriend remanded

Hours after ex-soldier James Cadogan, who was wanted for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend surrendered to the Police, he was remanded to prison for attempted murder.

James Cadogan and Zenida April, in happier times

The Haslington, East Coast Demerara (ECD) man, who is also known as “Roddie”, was arraigned at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.
He was not required to plead to the indictable charge which stated that on July 5, 2022 at Paradise, ECD, with intent to commit murder, he wounded 24-year-old Zenida April, his girlfriend.
The 26-year-old accused was remanded to prison until September 19, 2022.
It was reported that Cadogan turned himself in to Police on Monday after he had allegedly stabbed and injured his girlfriend, who is a soldier, and her mother, Nevorn April.
Reports indicate that the man and his girlfriend were living together, and were having relationship issues prior to the stabbing. In fact, one day before that incident, the couple had a heated argument during which the man had allegedly threatened to stab the woman.
As such, the girlfriend had gone to stay with her mother, and a report had been made to the Police. The following day, the two women and a relative had gone to the man’s home at Paradise.
As the women entered one of the bedrooms, the ex-soldier locked the door, preventing the relative from gaining access, and soon after, screams were heard.
The relative then forcefully gained entry to the house through a window and found the two women covered in blood. Cadogan then made good his escape.
Zenida April was stabbed to her chest, neck, arms, and back, while her mother was stabbed once to the shoulder.
Meanwhile, last Sunday, the family released to Guyana Times a recording, in which, an individual believed to be Cadogan, told the older April that her daughter has to die and that he would hunt her down “like Police hunt thief”. The voice messages came just after the man had sent a message to his injured partner, pleading for her forgiveness.
The woman’s family has said that it was only last month that they realised that she and Cadogan were having issues that kept getting worse, hence she was planning to leave him.