Now that oil has put us on the map, your Eyewitness figured folks would quit confusing us with Ghana over in Africa. Not that he doesn’t think Ghana’s a nice place and all…but hey, did they ever had a Jim Jones doling out Cool Aid??!! Well, over the Independence weekend – with the usual revelries rightfully dimmed because of the Mahdia tragedy – he settled down in front of his TV to be distracted by the boob tube.
And right there on Netflix was his favourite action hero, Arnold, in his first-ever role on the small screen in a mini-series FUBAR – F****D Up Beyond Any Redemption!! How could he go wrong with such a combination – even though the blurb sounded pretty goofy?? Arnie’s a 40-year CIA veteran who discovers – on his retirement day – that his daughter’s been in the agency for seventeen years and he has to rescue her in…wait for this…GUYANA!!! Well, you coulda knocked your Eyewitness over with a feather – if he hadn’t already been lolling on his sofa!!
Seems there’s this bad guy Boro with a weapon of mass destruction in a briefcase. He’s hocking it to bad guys across the planet in a bidding war. And Arnold’s daughter – who’d infiltrated his Guyana organisation – was about to be outed and killed!! Well, your Eyewitness couldn’t wait to see his native land on the small screen  — with Arnold doing his thing!! So, imagine his consternation when the landscape that Arnold was dropped into was clearly in some temperate zone country!! Not a Mora or Greenheart or Kabukalli tropical tree in sight – and none of our lush, thick undergrowth!!
To make matters worse, all the extras representing “Guyanese” were clearly Spanish in origin!! Not an Indigenous Person – much less an African or Indian around!! This was clearly not even filmed in a tropical country much less Guyana!! Your Eyewitness quickly Googled the filming location and found it was Antwerp, Belgium and Mississauga, Toronto!! The irony, of course, is Mississauga’s chock full of Guyanese and even if they wanted to skimp on flight costs, they could’ve at least hired some of them. Your Eyewitness would’ve settled for a smatter of Guyanese accents!!
Now your Eyewitness had read about a Korean film on Netflix depicting Suriname as a drug trans-shipment centre – and the Surinamese Government had lodged a protest!! Giving them bad name and all that – which would damage their reputation!! Now here we are. marketing ourselves as a pristine TROPICAL tourist destination, and FUBAR depicts us as full of elm and oak and such like!! The nerve!! Why would Europeans and Americans come to spend their money here??
Let’s lodge that diplomatic protest!! And to boot, FUBAR sucked!!

The way the Opposition’s carrying on, you’d think the Mahdia Secondary School and dorms were only built after Aug 2, 2020!! What exactly did the PNC coalition government do about the shortcomings they’re pointing out so gleefully right now?? Now we understand an Opposition’s there to keep the Government on its toes…and sure the Government COULDA done better. But is there a SINGLE aspect of national life that has consequences for life and limb that can’t be improved??
As your Eyewitness has said before, it’s we the citizens who have to start by pulling up our socks. And that practice will ensure that all of us bring pressure on whichever Government’s in power – to create and enforce codes. Take a simple thing like dropping our food boxes and drink bottles in drains. If we’re to only quit that disgusting habit, the floods that have now become endemic in Georgetown would be a thing of the past.
So, after all the faux outrage, will the Opposition solve the Georgetown flooding??

… candidates
Today, the Opposition’s claims about “illegal” boundary changes and PPP’s dead or departed candidates that are polluting the Voters List to such an extent that the LGE’s integrity would be destroyed are up for hearing?? Quo vadis LGE??