Family narrowly escapes as car bursts into flames in Berbice

The car was badly burnt and suffered extensive damage

A family of three on Wednesday escaped without injury after their vehicle abruptly burst into flames at Lancaster Village, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).
Dinesh Chotkoe, the 45-year-old driver, his wife Wandana Karransingh and their 11-year-old daughter were the occupants of the vehicle. They hail from Nickerie, Suriname, and were returning to their country after visiting Guyana. Chotkoe was operating the dark blue Noah motor vehicle, 7428, when, at about 08:30h, eyewitnesses recounted, while the vehicle was in the vicinity of Lancaster Village, travelling along the public road in an eastern direction, it caught afire.

Simon Gray of Liverpool Village was driving behind the vehicle at the time when he saw what appeared to be fire under the car. Gray said he drove up alongside the vehicle and informed the driver, who stopped and exited the vehicle. His wife and daughter also exited, and less than a minute later, the vehicle went up in flames.
Chotkoe was interviewed by ranks of the Whim Police Station, and he related that he arrived in Guyana with his wife and daughter on September 8. He said they were travelling from Georgetown heading home to Suriname when the incident occurred.
The Fire Service was summoned to the scene, and the fire was put out. No injuries were reported. (G12)