Fatal accidents are worrying

Dear Editor,
It certainly begs the question: “Why isn’t there a punishment for reckless killer motorists called the revocation of one’s licence?” Or, “Why is there not some law to that effect?”
I am talking about reading or seeing the enforcement of some clause in the law that prohibits vehicular homicidal persons from holding a licence, or prohibits his or her ability to commandeer a motorable vehicle on our roads ever. I look forward to the day when I can hear such sentences being handed down to those out-of-control drivers.
As it stands, I am seeing mounting statistics of repeat offenders receiving sentences which, in their truest terms, amount to a proverbial slap on the wrist and a clear go-ahead in continuation of the carnage.
I cannot recall ever seeing a vehicular homicide offender being denied the use of his licence. What I do hear are instances of innocuous jailtime, but no revocation of licences; which tells me that some of these motorists regard the lax road laws as a joke, and are as well showing scant regard for the sanctity of human life.
The wanton loss of human lives is certainly a worrying factor for all of us, because our human resource is under threat. Valuable lives are being lost all because of some drunken or “under-the-influence driver”. I say they are under the influence of some mind-altering drug, or are those who simply cannot drive.
I pause here to highlight the fact that many vehicular accidents result from the use of mind-altering drugs. There are cases of drivers running into stationary objects, or immolating themselves by crashing into lampposts, or simply running off highways at times when there are few vehicles on our roads. This is a frightening development, and if urgent attention is not paid to address these distressing occurrences, woe betide us here in Guyana.
What is going on??!!
So, my advice to the authorities is twofold. (a) To our hardworking Traffic cops, if you observe a speeding driver navigating our highways, stop him and issue a speeding ticket forthwith! Do not wait for a fatal accident to happen; take action now! Reckless driving should never be tolerated!
I say to the authorities that the name and licence number of a driver involved in an accident must be saved in a database, because most fatal accidents are caused by repeat offenders. And as highlighted before, there must be total cancellation of their licensing privileges. If no such law is in force, then enact laws to this effect to stop the carnage. The time to act is now!

Neil Adams