Favouritism by T&HD staff

Dear Editor,
The minister within the Public Infrastructure Ministry recently boasted in the media about the Lady Northcote Ferry which transports passengers and cargo to the North-West District (Barima- Waini).
But while the North-West steamer may have adopted a level of reliability in the transportation of North West (NWD) passengers and their cargo to Mabaruma and Port Kaituma, the poor residents of these two sub-regions are currently crying out against the demonstration of favouritism by the Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD).
The NWD residents are claiming that their cargo which would consist of about one to three boxes are not allowed to be shipped to Mabaruma and Port Kaituma including Morowhanna.
In other words, the NWD residents are claiming that political discrimination and bribery are being practiced by the NWD steamer authorities since it is only the tons of cargo belonging to the big businessman who are affiliated to the APNU-AFC political parties are allowed to be shipped to the NWD while theirs are refused. The NWD steamer leaves port Georgetown in Kingston for the NWD every two weeks and residents would like the media to witness the pains and harassment they go through at the T&HD Kingston wharf in getting their small cargo to their home.
NWD residents are also claiming that previously this never happen and the new development by the T&HD administration is presently affecting their livelihood.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Persaud