…with people’s lives
Your Eyewitness saw some videos of the PNC protest at Cuffy Square on Wednesday. You didn’t know the PNC was protesting? Well, they gotta do SOMETHING to show their dwindling supporter base they’re worth their salaries, no? The PPP – under the young and energetic President Irfaan Ali – has launched such a blitzkrieg of positive initiatives into that base that the PNC leadership has been thrown for a loop!
COVID-19 relief; school grant relief; house lots; low-income houses; flood relief; assistance in drainage; grants to 44 groups to commemorate Emancipation, and the list (and beat) goes on. What is a party – already discredited for trying such an inept rigging attempt, and getting caught in the process! – to do? Well, if you’re the PNC, when in doubt, protest!! These are one set of politicians who’re totally bereft of creative thinking, they just follow Burnham’s lead! But what to protest when the PPP Government has covered all bases in these difficult times – bequeathed by the same PNC?
So, your Eyewitness listened closely! Rather pathetically, they played the race card for every measure by the PPP. Since their supporters KNOW they were assisted, they were told there was DISCRIMINATION! Flood relief? Well, the PPP SKIPPED African-Guyanese homes and villages!! Never mind they couldn’t actually name any such village! Ditto for everything else.
But while you will always have the gullible in any group of people who’ll latch on to what their leaders say, the vast majority of Opposition supporters were pleased. This doesn’t mean that they’ll all vote PPP, come 2025…but we all know that “one-one dutty buil’ dam”! And this is giving the PNC “belly wuk”!
But, as cynical, Machiavellian politicians, the PNC decided to really play dirty pool – with their supporters’ lives. The issue they harped on was the Government’s efforts to vaccinate up to 80% of the populace, so that we’d all get “herd immunity” against the COVID-19 pandemic! Meaning that so many of us would be able to fight off the viral spread, it’ll be stopped in its tracks. Now, this is the goal of EVERY government in the world…so how could they put the PPP in a bad light?
By playing on the fears and prejudices of their supporters about vaccines in general, and the COVID-19 vaccines in particular. Rather than challenge the science – their own medical doctors in the party hierarchy, like Drs Van West-Charles and Karen Cummings, support herd immunity – they’ve used the argument that the supporters shouldn’t be FORCED to take the vaccine, as with those working in some Government departments. Their rights are being violated!! The PPP is a dictatorship.
Is this the 21st century Luddite argument?

…and infighting
Interestingly, neither the leader of the PNC – the Sanctimonious Gangster David Granger – nor his unilaterally appointed Opposition Leader Lil Joe Harmon were at the protest. Was it too infra dig for them, or they weren’t invited? One of the major accusations against Granger’s leadership, of course, is his “aloofness”. It seems they’ve forgotten that Hoyte was also “aloof” but Burnham picked him ahead of the garrulous and glad-handing Hamilton Green!!
Or was it that Granger and Harmon took their COVID-19 vaccine shots quite early in the day?? It couldn’t be that, because all those on the picket line (were they picketing Cuffy? What did he ever do them?) had gotten their shots quite early in the day, thank you. Special treatment at that time!! Anyhow, it looks like Granger’s gonna have to convert his spread at Pearl into a Bunker – since the addition of Volda Lawrence to the list of open challengers has left all four flanks exposed!
Will they wait for Congress, or would a putsch be staged?

…the first battle
Unless there was a massive number of no-shows, over 14,000 kids would’ve just completed their NGSA.
Imagine, 99% will be forever stigmatised by not getting into the 5 Georgetown “elite” schools.