Fighting for relevance…

…with the PNC
Moses Nagamootoo is a pathetic excuse for a politician – even by the not exactly stratospheric standards of that profession!! Promised a piece of the action by the PNC after his PPP cohorts dumped him as an empty windbag, he persuaded his friend, AFC leader Ramjattan, that they wouldn’t end up as “dead meat” after coalescing, as the latter feared. But here he is, reduced to a caricature of Naipaul’s “Mimic Man” politician at the end of a humiliating and inglorious career, writing a weekly column in the Chronicle to defend the PNC!
And this week’s contribution– “DEFENCE, DESPERATION AND DESTABILISATION” – illustrates the defence of his own desperation as he tries to tag the Opposition’s follow-up of their successful no-confidence motion as “destabilising” the Government!! So that your Eyewitness isn’t accused (God forbid!) of putting words into Nagamootoo’s mouth, let’s quote him verbatim: “When I heard the leader of the opposition (Jagdeo) saying that the present elected government lacked legitimacy, I could not resist drawing an inference that more attempts would be made to unseat our Head of State and his government.”
Now that you, Dear Reader, have recovered after ROTFL, imagine the deranged and damaged mind that would draw this “inference”!! If Art 106 (6) and (7) of the Constitution direct the President and the Cabinet resign after the passage of a no-confidence motion and that elections must be held in three months, what does this say about the “legitimacy” of the PNC Government that insists on “passing” bills like the one on our Natural Resource Fund that’ll impact on future generations down the ages?? That the successful no-confidence motion was of no consequence?
What exactly does Nagamootoo believe the “legitimacy” of a government rests on? He rightfully claims it’s on the vote they received. But we have something called “representative” government – where the people’s representatives exercise their will. Nagamootoo shoots his argument – such as it is – in the foot by confirming that Charrandas was a REGIONAL representative, but wasn’t representing them!! It just proves Nagamootoo’s completely oblivious to the agony of the 4000 Region Six sugar workers who were fired by his government!
So, ignoring the explicit language of Art 106 (6), Nagamootoo says, “It was never contemplated that the President, together with his whole Cabinet, could be removed from office by a simple majority on a motion of no-confidence, but this is what the Opposition wants us to believe”!!!
One wonders why he asserted exactly this intention when he brought his no-confidence motion against the PPP Government of President Ramotar?
Should the Police have charged him with treason for attempting to “unseat” the Government? Like he’s trying to pin on Jagdeo?

…by begging for PM wuk!
The AFC, fresh from the whammy of being unable to blackmail the PNC for more spoils after their disastrous showing at the LGE, met in conclave to plot their relevance. They decided that the best way was to back Nagamootoo as the PM running mate for PNC leader David Granger. Your Eyewitness wonders whether they had a chat with ANYONE from the PNC camp. We know they couldn’t have consulted Granger since the man was getting chemotherapy in Cuba. And we know for sure they didn’t consult with any of the four PNC members who’re hovering in the wings in case Granger’s prognosis plunges.
Now, why would these folk consider Nagamootoo, who’s proven time and again he’s burnt all his bridges in the Indian Guyanese community – the community the PNC needs to take them across the line at the next general elections – as PM material?
All the AFC’s done is to announce Nagamootoo’s on the shelf for another marriage!

…by “fan boying” Granger
Wrote Nagamootoo about Granger after the latter’s speech to the GDF officers, “After I had listened with rapt attention to the Guyanese President… I can say that we are fortunate to have him at the helm”!!
Does he think Granger will fall for his oh-so-obvious “brown-nosing”?