Fire guts Diamond house, arson suspected

At least five persons are contemplating their next move after a fire, suspected to be purposely set, completely destroyed a dwelling house at Lot 522 Little Diamond Squatting Area, East Bank Demerara on Friday evening.
During a visit to the area on Saturday, the owner of the house and her teenage daughter were seeking refuge at a neighbour’s house, while the tenants were nowhere in sight.

A section of the lower flat of the house after the fire

Guyana Times was told the fire started in the upper flat of the wooden-and-concrete home at about 23:00h, and the entire house was engulfed in flames within minutes.
At the time of the fire, the house was occupied by the owner, her daughter, and three tenants who occupied the lower flat, but no one was at home.
Nesha (only name given), the owner, explained that she and her daughter left home on Friday afternoon and returned at about 22:30h, but had difficulty opening the lock to the upper flat of the house. She struggled for quite some time, and after she was unsuccessful in opening the lock, she walked across to her neighbour’s; but while doing so, she heard sounds emanating from the house.
“It sound like things burning, but I didn’t take it for anything… By the time I reach and called the neighbours, we see the whole upper flat of the house in flames…,” she explained.
She noted that although public-spirited citizens rushed to assist in putting out the blaze, the heat was too intense, and everyone had to retreat.
The Guyana Fire Service was contacted, and even though there is a station located in Diamond, GFS personnel took nearly 30 minutes to arrive on the scene, according to the distraught woman. She said that by the time the tender and fire fighters arrived, the house was well ablaze.
She claimed that her house was fully furnished, and she suspects it was deliberately set on fire by previous tenants with whom she had an issue.
“People in the area told me dogs were barking but no one was in sight… These people lead me a dance. They threatened to burn down the house on several occasions… They cuss me stinking… They tell me that one day they will get me, and I think it is them who burn down the place,” she explained.
The woman claimed she has indicated this to the Police, who advised her to make contact with the alleged perpetrators and have them visit the station.
In tears, Nesha told <<Guyana Times>> that nothing was saved from the burning house. “Not even a clothes for me and my daughter…not even a comb to comb my hair,” she elaborated.
While she is seeking refuge at a neighbour’s house, she is till to determine how she would rebuild.
Officials of the Guyana Fire Service and the Guyana Police Force are continuing their investigations.