Fire victims receive much needed help

− 10 homeless after two fires

Two families are now pleading with the public for assistance after two devastating fires have left them homeless.

In picture, CEO Christopher Persaud (extreme left) presents the cheque while Hemraj and Rampersaud of David Persaud Investments look on
In picture, CEO Christopher Persaud (extreme left) presents the cheque while Hemraj and Rampersaud of David Persaud Investments look on
The family of Number 69 Village
The family of Number 69 Village

On November 12, a two-storied house at Number 69 Village was completely destroyed, rendering the family of five homeless. The Fire Service has since concluded that the fire was caused by an electrical fault.
And on November 16 a cottage at Lot 75 North Lesbeholden, Black Bush Polder, was gutted, leaving another family of five homeless, including a one-year-old and a 3-month-old baby. In this instance, the Fire Service never visited the scene.
According to Roopchand Hemraj no one was home when the Black Bush Polder fire started.
“When me come home dem boys ah front dea tell me ah house catch afire…Me start me motorbike an come. When me reach, dem done out the fire but it de still bin ah smoke, but me can’t do nothing; everything gone,” the labourer said.
The mid-morning fire left the labourer, his wife and their three children without a home or clothing other that what they were wearing.
According to Hemraj’s wife, Davi, no stoves were left on when they went out nor any refrigerator, freezer, television set or DVD player.
She said, “Sunday when me went me carry dem children ah sea corner and bathe dem, then me get a message… When me come me see all body deh hea and everything bun up.
The young woman, in a plea for public assistance, noted that members of the Guyana Fire Service never visited the scene.
She says villagers have assisted so that her son can get back to school. However, the family is still very in need. “If ah want to cook ah ent even got a pot,” She lamented.

Act of Goodwill
David Persaud Investments heeded the family’s pleas and made a donation of $50,000 to the Hemraj family of Lot 11 Lesbeholden.
The Company’s CEO Christopher Persaud presented the cheque to the family.
Meanwhile, Seekumari Dauroop, of the Number 69 Village, Corentyne, fire says there has been no assistance for the family since the fire destroyed their home leaving her, a husband, a daughter and two grandchildren homeless. According to the 58-year-old, no agency has come forward to offer any assistance. For the first five days, the family lived at a neighbour under a temporary arrangement. They have since been rescued by another neighbour, another temporary arrangement. According to Dauroop the family is in urgent need of somewhere to stay and are also in need of mattresses.    Dauroop can be contacted on phone number 646-7234, while Hemraj can be contacted on 687-0498.