Following …the 4 horsemen

In the Bible, we’re told about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The first one rides a white horse, and brings pestilence; the second one rides a red horse, and is the creator of war, conflict and strife; the third is a food merchant riding a black horse, and symbolizes famine; while the last is pale and accompanied by the god of death. Well, here we are in 2024, and we’re still in the throes of COVID-19 recovery following the pestilence of the White Horse in 2020!!
Can you believe that the most developed country on planet Earth – the US of A – was the one that was struck the hardest? ONE MILLION, ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY-SIX THOUSAND, SIX HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-ONE Americans perished – out of a worldwide 7 million – from a virus that we still aren’t sure whether they were in cahoots with the Chinese lab where it was created!! And we’re still not sure if that horse has trotted off; since, in addition to the “long-term effects”, there are still occasional eruptions. Then, of course, there’s the certainty of new pestilences!!
The red horse – Chestnuts, we also call them – bringing war is running wild right now. Over Ukraine, the West has been waging its proxy war against a revanchist Russia since early 2022 – and it looks like they’re gonna fight to the last Ukrainian!! They’re throwing everything, including the kitchen sink at US$380 BILLION and counting, but no warm bodies – even as their own economies are careening out of control!! But they still have a long way to go to match the US$ TRILLION the US spent in Iraq and Afghanistan!! Russia, in the meantime, remains determined not only to recover territory, but to create strategic depth.
Then, of course, the chestnut horse couldn’t avoid the Middle East, could it?? Hey!! They’ve been fighting over that piece of real estate for three thousand years!! So, the Israelites show no sign of easing their slaughter of Palestinians – the score’s now past 30,000 Palestinians slaughtered, plus the 1200 Jews massacred in the beginning, last October. Now, everyone thought that the old saying, “Who owns the dog can call off the dog, would apply and the deep-pocket Americans would rein in the Israelites if things got outta hand. But to continue the analogy, it looks like the tail isn’t only wagging the dog – but its owner as well!!
The Black horse of famine is certainly following the Chestnut horse, and stalking Palestine, where it’ll become more rampaging. However, because of Ukraine’s size and agri resources, they’ve been able to hold off mass starvation. The constant, of course, is that the Pale horseman always gets his piece – and it’s a big piece!!

…in Ukraine
In politics, one’s gotta be careful about making very precise predictions. Even for no other reason than ergodicity in the real world. Fancy word, eh?? All it means is we’ll NEVER know all the variables when human beings are concerned, like with, say, colliding atoms, but not colliding humans – as in the war in Ukraine!! Yet, with all his experience, President Biden had boasted of driving Putin from power, destroying Russia’s capacity to make war, and halving the size of the Russian economy!!
Now, everyone should concede your Eyewitness was right – it ain’t gonna happen. Not because your Eyewitness likes Putin or anything – that has absolutely nothing to do with it!! Very brutally, some of Biden’s advisors badly miscalculated the strength of Ukraine’s defenders and the weakness of Russia’s capacities! So, what’ll happen now? Well…what happens in ANY war when one side concedes they ain’t gonna win – they negotiate. So, we’ll be back to what was offered at the beginning.
Russia’s gonna demand strategic depth!! And get it!

…on “handouts”
The WPA tail that dreams of wagging the PNC dog still wants to give away the grandaddy of handouts – $1 million annually to every Guyanese family!! Never mind when the oil runs out we’ll have no infrastructure or jobs!!