Fool me once…

…shame on “Utensil” Harmon
They say, “Shame me once, shame on YOU; shame me twice, shame on ME”! Point is – to change the metaphor – once bitten you gotta be “twice shy”; and if you ain’t, then shame on you! Your Eyewitness just saw that the LOO, Joseph Harmon, is calling on Caricom – through its current Chair, Tt’s Keith Rowley – to intervene to end the “impasse” between him and President Ali. And this is where Caricom has to be “twice shy”. Remember the last time the PNC invited them in to “intervene” in Guyana’s affairs?
That’s right…was when Granger called then Chair Mia Mottley to send in a Caricom team to supervise a recount of the Reg 4 ballots – which his RO Mingo had screwed up so as to rig the PNC into office. And we don’t have to repeat all the stunts the PNC pulled to pull wool over Caricom’s eyes, do we? Nor all the insults heaped on various Caricom leaders? Well, okay!!
After incoming Caricom Chair, St Vincent’s PM Gonsalves, reasonably said the elections’ results should be based on the recount, Harmon lashed out: “(This) paints a picture of a conspiracy to subvert the will of the Guyanese people”!! Never mind it was Granger who’d called for the recount to do just that! This insult caused Owen Arthur to rap Harmon that he was out of order, since he was simply “a utensil” who should know his place!
Anyhow, Rowley should remind Harmon that early in the day, while he (Harmon) and the PNC were carrying on with their hijinks and holding the Guyanese people to ransom, he (Rowley) had predicted, “This will end badly”. And he was shown to be a prophet! So exactly what does Harmon think Rowley will tell him? That he’s correct to insist that the Ali Government isn’t legal?  Rowley and the rest of Caricom have explicitly recognised the Ali Government as legal – along with the US, UK, EU, OAS, Commonwealth, and the rest of the world! So, Rowley should somersault on his agreement with all these blocks and countries just to please Harmon the “utensil”?
Harmon should be ashamed to even speak to Caricom without first apologising to them for insulting them, and more specifically the Recount Team, which braved the COVID-19 threat to help us get out of the PNC-created elections rigging mess. But maybe Harmon wants to save face and is looking for Rowley to tell him to accept the legitimacy of the PPP Govt?
Well, because of his arrogance both to Caricom and to the Ali Govt, Rowley should explicitly tell Harmon to get off his high horse and eat humble pie.
In Guyana, that means saying “beg pardon”!

…but not on drugs
Sometimes your (jaded) Eyewitness resignedly shrugs his shoulders as evidence of the PNC’s governmental lassitude and inefficiency pile up like the mound of garbage at Haags Bosch. But not at what’s just been revealed in what can only be called “Pharmagate”. After all, pharmaceuticals are purchased to save lives – lives of living, breathing human beings who, for one reason or other, have become ill. And when the PNC screw up, they place those lives at risk.
First, the facts. From reports in the newspapers by ordinary people who’re forced to use the Public Health System, they were told to purchase their own medication, because none was available. And in many cases, they just couldn’t afford to do this, and suffered or died. And now we’re told that the PNC spent $35 BILLION for Pharma in their 5 years – compared to $35 Billion by the PPP in their TWENTY-THREE years!!
And that at least $10 billion worth had to be dumped! While thousands might’ve died!
Bring back the cat-o-nine tails!

…and forever on CJIA
Once again, we’re being assured the Chinese company “modernising CJIA” is finally “taking care of business”. So, being three months late is okay?
After the ten other deadlines given to the PNC and broken?