Formation of senior citizens’ organisations

Dear Editor,
In my recent visits to various regions in Guyana, I saw the dire need for senior citizens to improve the various aspects of their lives, thereby helping them to fulfil the objectives which are tabulated in the manifesto of the Ministry of Social Protection.
I am, therefore, directing the following to the regional branches of this Ministry, as well as the responsible Minister and prominent members of our communities, to help the seniors in each area of our country to band themselves into district organisations which will best serve to fulfil these objectives.
Twenty years ago, in my home district of Phoenix Park, West Bank Demerara, I, with the help of a few friends in my age group, founded an organisation which I named the 60-Plus Club. I toured the area and spoke to individuals as well as church groups about our plans. Soon after, the club was formed and graciously hosted by the owner of the disco at Lot 1, Phoenix Park, Mr Joseph Drakes. Some residents of Den Amstel, West Coast Demerara took this cue and formed their own club.
We held meetings every Monday evening and got together socially on Fridays, when we held dances, barbecues and games At our formal Monday meetings, we discussed the various needs of members and solutions to their problems, both individual and as a group. We also had prominent members of the community and professionals, such as nurses and NIS officials, coming in to speak to members on the many things that had a bearing on our lives. I strongly believe that apart from the tabulated benefits, we provided to our younger folk an example of what they can look forward to in their later lives, as well as how people of different races can live and work together in harmony.
I am now suggesting to those who can help to get these organisations formed and functioning to commence this assistance as soon as possible so that our seniors can continue to lead fruitful and healthy lives.

Yours sincerely,
Roy Paul