Former magistrates, attorney, deputy mayor charged for breaching COVID-19 restrictions

Two former magistrates, an attorney, New Amsterdam’s Deputy Mayor and two businessmen were on Tuesday charged with breaching COVID-19 restrictions.
Former Magistrate and co-founder of the Federal United Party (FEDUP) Chandra Sohan, Former Magistrate and President of the New Amsterdam Rotary Club Charlyn Artiga, Attorney-at-Law Ramesh Rajkumar, past President of the Rotary Club and contractor Rafeek Kassim, New Amsterdam Deputy Mayor Wainwright McIntosh and businessman Kris Jagdeo are alleged to have breached the COVID-19 restrictions on July 29, in East Canje.
The charge stated that Rajkumar on July 29 was not in the confine of his home or his yard space as outlined in the COVID-19 restrictions.
Artiga, Jagdeo, Sohan and McIntosh were charged for attending a private party while Kassim was charged for hosting a private party.
They all pleaded not guilty to the offence when they appeared before Magistrate Peter Hugh in a New Amsterdam court.
They were released on their own recognisance and will have to return to court on August 20.
The six were represented by Attorney Horashio Edmondson, who said as far as he knows, some members of the Rotary Club were meeting to discuss the distribution of food hampers.
“That is the story of those that were present when the matter took place. The charges that were brought against them for violation of the curfew are all bad in law.”
Edmondson added that some of the persons charged were not in the jurisdiction at that time.
“Not even in the county of Berbice when those charges were brought against them, so, I don’t know who is hunting my clients but we will get to the bottom of that.”
Meanwhile, after leaving court, some members of the Rotary Club went to the Cumberland Health Centre to continue their distribution work. (G4)