Fruitful year for BCB despite COVID-19 pandemic

…hundreds of events/programmes successfully completed

The Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) under the leadership of President Hilbert Foster has described 2021 as very successfully despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Minister Susan Rodrigues being honoured by BCB

The BCB has forged ahead with a comprehensive developmental vision for the county, while at the same time observing all the required Government of Guyana COVID-19 regulations.

Tenelec Founder Bobby Deonarine handing over sponsorship to BCB

BCB President Hilbert Foster has said 2021 can be described as the most successful year of his four-year term, despite the first three years being very successful as well. The vibrant board was able to run off 19 finals during a two-month period between February and March 2021, before the COVID situation forced a suspension of the season once again.

Rose Hall Town’s Under-21 team – winner of the BCB under-21 tournament

The board played off ten grassroots tournaments across the county: at Bush Lot, Kennard, Whim, Port Mourant, Chesney, Fyrish, Cumberland, Canje, Edinburgh, No 19 Kendall’s Union, and Bush Lot United. Other tournaments completed included the Let’s Bet Sport Countywide 20/20, Elizabeth Styles under-21, Lewison under-15, and Nand Persaud females and three under-19 internal zone tournaments in West Berbice, New Amsterdam/Canje, and Upper Corentyne respectively.

Grass cutters were distributed to clubs

Eight tournaments remain to be completed due to the suspension of the season, and they include the Banks Beer two days, NBS 40 Overs, Minister Mustapha under-15, and Price is Right 20/20 on the Upper Corentyne.

Minister Vickram Bharrat handing over educational grants

Among the main achievements for 2021 were the donation of 26 grass cutters across the county under a ground enhancement programme, obtaining covers worth $324,000 for West Berbice, giving 20 catching cribs to youth teams, producing cricket law books, providing cricket gear and uniforms, among other things.
Millions of items of gear were donated under the Clayton Lambert Trust Fund, Basil Butcher Trust Fund, Shimron and Nirvani Hetmyer Trust Fund, and the Vitality Inc programmes. Clubs in Berbice benefited from over two million dollars’ worth of cricket balls, scorebooks and trophies among other things, as the board strove to assist as much as possible.
The BCB’s impressive coaching programme has been expanded, with coaches visiting several clubs under the Dr Tulsi Dyal Singh programme, while several mini academies and special coaching clinics being organised to benefit hundreds of youths.
The BCB also created history during the year when it published its own coaching manual, and also hosted four social skills sessions with funding from Patron Vickram Bharrat to train over one hundred and forty youths in basic social skills.
A total of more than 300 youths received educational grants to assist them to further their education, while 140 youths received bicycles to attend school/practice sessions.
Hundreds of other youths benefited from donations of school bags, educational materials and uniforms under an aggressive Say Yes to Education programme.
Seven outstanding CSEC students were honoured with a financial grant after being successful at their exams, while the BCB also hosted its annual Mother and Father of the Year Awards programme.
Asheik and Sons donated 70 inter county caps, while the board handed out, for the first time, financial subventions to the West Berbice, Upper Corentyne, Berbice River and Umpires Associations. A 32-page pictorial review booklet was also published, along with thousands of COVID-19 and cricket development posters.
One thousand Say Yes to COVID Vaccination stickers were also distributed across the county. Another one thousand more copies of the BCB Youth information booklet were also published. Among the other programmes hosted during the year were Tribute to Heroes, Tribute to Retired Cricketers, Tribute to Umpires, and the Berbice Hall of Hall for Administrators.
Ministers Collin Croal and Susan Rodrigues were among the persons honoured under the Tribute to Heroes programme.
The compassionate board handed out over 1000 flood relief hampers with support from Shimron and Nirvani Hetmyer. The board along with the RHTY&SC, is also spearheading the construction of a multi-million-dollar home for its office assistant Ruthel Henry. The home is about seventy-five percent completed, and is being funded by the Vitality Inc Group of Companies.
Together with the RHTY&SC, the board has donated a million dollars’ worth of hampers to families for Xmas and COVID-19. The BCB, in 2021, also obtained a sponsorship to assist umpires to be better uniformed with polo shirts and caps from the New Marketing Corporation.
Dhanesh Chaltar was honoured as the BCB Father of the Year, while Bibi Shaw copped the Mother of the Year award.
The board also hosted an under-15 team from the New York area, while Foster stated that numerous former players from overseas came on board to support the development of the game. They include Clayton Lambert, Ray Joseph, Leslie Lambert and Narsing Deonarine, among others.
Foster stated that the success of the BCB lies in the unity among his executives, and the leadership it provides. Foster hailed the contribution of the board’s numerous donors, especially Brian Ramphal. Dr Puran Singh, Dr Tulsi Dyal Singh, Dave Narine, Shimron Hetmyer and his wife Nirvanie, Tenelec Inc, Vitality Inc, Ministry of Agriculture, among others. Special mention was also made of the national media for their cooperation, the Umpires Association, and the Guyana Cricket Board which provided the BCB with a financial subvention for the first time in 13 years.