Survival, De Veira Goalkeeping Academy provide enticing Super-16 prizes

The tournaments are now in the business end, and many business entities are continuing to show their support for the Guyana Football Federation’s (GFF’s) line of year-end events, more so the Men’s Super-16 Cup.

Director of the Eon DeVeira Goalkeeping Academy, Mr. Eon DeViera (right), handing over the prizes to GFF President Wayne Forde

On Thursday, Survival Supermarket materialised their support with a one-of-a-kind and convenient prize. The prize will entail Survival awarding a voucher to a lucky player so that they can shop at the Supermarket free of cost for six months. The price tag attached to the shopping voucher is undisclosed.

Survival’s Mark De Freitas making the presentation to Kashif Muhammad in the presence of Chitra Ramjit, Esther James and Vishnauth Arjune

“We are always grateful to Survival because they’ve been on board throughout the years, and as soon as we reached out to them, the General Managers, they called us and said they are happy to be onboard because this is their give-back period also,”
Kashif Muhammad said in brief remarks during the simple presentation ceremony held at the entity’s Vlissengen Road location.
“We’re very happy about it, because it’s a unique prize and it’s a very special prize. We think it’s going to go far.”
He concluded, “We are very thankful, on behalf of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) and the Kashif and Shanghai Organization. We want to thank Survival for their support in this year’s Super-16 football championship.”

DeViera’s Goalkeeping award
Still a young and fledgling entity, the Eon DeViera Goalkeeping Academy Inc. has still seen it as part of their responsibility to encourage and motivate goalkeepers aiming to be the best they can be.
To this end, the Eon DeViera Goalkeeping Academy Inc. has committed to sponsoring the respective Best Goalkeeper prizes for the GFF-K&S Super 16 Cup and the Women’s Super-16 Festival, the latter being played for the first time ever.
Director of the Eon DeViera Goalkeeping Academy Inc., a former National player and current National Coach, commented: “We are committed to the development of all Goalkeepers in Guyana. We understand the importance of the Goalkeepers in football, and would like to create an enthusiasm for this position.”
DeViera posited that his Academy has been working to create that mindset in the specialised position ever since 2018.
“We have contributed, and would continue to contribute, to the GFF-K&S year-end tournament, and we are pleased to be associated with them. This year, we would be sponsoring the Best Goalkeepers prizes for both the Men’s and Women’s Super-16 tournaments.”
He revealed that the player winning this prize in the Men’s version of the competition would be receiving a trophy and cash, while the Female winner would be rewarded with a trophy and three months’ supply of Bliss by Blu Hair Cream, which is the official sponsor of the Eon DeViera Goalkeeping Academy Inc.
Accepting the sponsorship packages from Mr. DeViera was President of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), Wayne Forde, who, whilst thanking him for his benevolence, complimented the Academy for partnering with the organisers.
“On behalf of the respective organisers, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Eon DeViera Goalkeeping Academy Inc. for being a part of both competitions, in a tangible way. I am sure the goalkeepers would be taking noted of the prizes and go all out to capture the eyes of the adjudicators in order to win the prize in each tournament.
“We look forward to your continued support, and wish the Academy the very best for years to come.”