GCB ups tempo for CWI Regional 4-Day readiness

The Guyana Cricket Board (GCB), in keeping with its promise to play national matches within the three counties, as against the centralised location of Demerara, has scheduled two of the three matches in the GCB Best of the Best Redball 4-Day Tournament.
The tournament would involve a pool of earmarked players participating in competitive matches, with the initial match at least being played ahead of the selection of the first national team to participate in the CWI Regional 4-Day Tournament in 2022.
GCB President Bissoondyal Singh opined that though it may appear that the inclement weather has necessitated the need for use of suitable venues outside of Demerara, the consideration to return inter-county, national trials and practice matches to other counties is keeping with the strategic plans of the GCB.
President Singh also said, “We are happy to announce that, despite our challenges, which have seemingly emanated from previous franchise arrangements, the GCB is going ahead with its planned programmes. Although our funds are limited, we intend to create the competitive environment necessary to provide the players with optimal opportunities for game readiness and match form; and the national 4 Day team with the best chances of winning the CWI Regional 4 Day Tournament 2022.
“The first two matches are scheduled for the Albion Community Centre ground, Berbice, and given the need to have cricket played throughout the counties, the second match scheduled for Albion is subject to change based on weather conditions, while the third and final match is being arranged for the Guyana National Stadium, Providence.”
The dates for the three GCB Best of the Best Redball 4-Day Tournament are January 5-8, 2022, January 12-15, 2022 and January 18-21, 2022. The two teams for the first match will be announced no later than January 3, 2022.