Respect for the Rule of Law

Dear Editor,
This uncivilized and uncouth behaviour must not be allowed to continue. It is irresponsible and immature of any serious leader to behave as a spoilt brat whenever things do not go his or her way. If the election results are not the outcome you like the solution is NOT to take over the process and decide to illegally and forcefully change the outcome. Similarly, if the vote in Parliament on a Bill you do not approve of does not go your way, the solution is NOT to forcefully take over Parliament and illegally try to change and stop the process.
We are a Nation of Laws with a Legal System that is also comprised of Courts and The Police. Anyone aspiring to be a leader must act responsibly and ensure that the message being sent to his or her followers is one that does NOT say to them that it is ok to ignore the Laws of Guyana and those who enforce those laws. Criminal activity will rise and respect for our Officers and the Courts will decline.
It is also imperative that those who seek to be respected as leaders in our Nation clearly denounce usurping the Legal process of our country. If anyone is opposed to the direction in which the country is going, then take the time to articulate why and try to convince others to agree with you. Then when it is time to vote everyone will let his or her opinion be known. If you are of the opinion that something was done illegally, then use the legal system and have your day in court. As a democracy, the outcome of our elections and the direction of the country will be determined by the majority. This is our process and this is what our Constitution calls for.
No longer must we as a Nation allow others to try to dismantle our civilized existence, and our legal process of addressing differences of opinion. Illegally and forcefully pushing for a particular outcome is not a constructive approach to promote an agenda and build support from independent voters. Instead, the current approach that is being taken is alienating others while also increasing racial tension within the country.
The Cooperative Republicans of Guyana (CRG) Party calls on the leadership of those involved in the recent uncouth behaviour displayed in Parliament to swiftly denounce what had taken place and to also implement controls to prevent this bad behaviour from reoccurring. Every time these extreme acts occur, it becomes clearer that certain elements within the opposition are too extreme for peaceful coexistence to be achieved. Our National Assembly is no place for those who have no respect for our Constitution and the rule of law.

With concern,
Jamil Changlee