Further unravelling of Mingo’s fraud – evidence mounts on day 5 of the recount

Dear Editor,
The painfully slow recounting process has, at the end of day 5, completed 208 boxes of the 2339 boxes to be recounted. Thus far, for all 208 boxes, the Statements of Recount (SoRs) have fully validated the Statements of Poll (SoPs) that were prepared by GECOM on E-Day, March 2. These SoPs were published by the PPP on March 6, although GECOM and APNU/AFC have steadfastly refused to make public these public documents, leaving the open question – why or what are they afraid of?

Table comparing APNU/AFC votes in the SoPs, SoRs and Mingo’s spreadsheet

# Division # Original Count (SOP) Recount


Mingo’s Spreadsheet Total Stolen Votes COMMENTS
1 411212 A(i)

Yarrowkabra/Kuru Kuru

188 188 247 59 SOR = SOP
2 411212A(ii) Yarrowkabra/Kuru Kuru 160 160 215 55 SOR = SOP
3 411212B Yarrowkabra/Kuru Kuru 48 48 73 25 SOR = SOP
4 411213

Kuru Kuru/Hauraruni

147 147 246 99 SOR = SOP
5 411221A


69 69 140 71 SOR = SOP
6 411221B


45 45 80 35 SOR = SOP
7 411222A(i)

Kuru Kururu/Badarina

187 187 287 100 SOR = SOP
8 411222A(ii)

Kuru Kururu/Badarina

9 411222A(iii) 228 229 338 109 APNU/AFC GAINED 1 VOTE
10 412131B (i)

Land of Canaan

105 105 165 60 SOR=SOP. Mingo reduced PPP votes by 20 – from 70 to 50
11 412131B (ii)

Land of Canaan

93 93 163 70 SOR = SOP. Mingo reduced PPP’s vote by 20 -from 91 to 71
12 412131C

Land of Canaan

61 61 161 100 SOR = SOP. Mingo reduced PPP’s vote by 20 -from 85 to 65
13 412131 E

Sarah Johanna/Caledonia

139 139 229 90 SOR = SOP. David Granger voted here
14 412132B(i)


199 199 289 90 Mingo reduced PPP’s vote by 17 – from 30 to 13
15 412222 J (ii)

Golden Grove

145 145 185 40 SOR = SOP
  TOTAL 1925 1925 3129 1104 While adding 1104 votes to APNU, Mingo reduced PPP’s votes by 77



On March 6, the Returning Officer of Region Four abandoned the legal SoPs and made an illegal declaration for Region Four based on a mysterious spreadsheet with fake numbers. The acting Chief Justice declared the use of the spreadsheet illegal and, in throwing out the declaration, ordered Mingo to return to the tabulation using the legal SoPs.
The spreadsheet he used was only in his and GECOM’s possession. None of the participating political parties, other than APNU/AFC, nor any of the local and international observers had a copy of the spreadsheet. Ordered by the CJ, Mingo and his GECOM colleagues returned with a bogus show of reading from SoPs, but actually used another spreadsheet and again pretended to show the numbers on a bedsheet screen. On March 13, he made a second declaration with totals different from the first declaration, very different from the tabulation of the SoPs.
The political parties and observers made copious notes of these numbers read from the spreadsheet. In addition, parts of the proceedings were videotaped. At the end of day 5, there is mounting evidence showing Mingo falsified the numbers for at least 15 of the 50 boxes recounted for Region Four so far, that we have evidence for.
From these 15 boxes, as shown in the table below, Mingo inflated the numbers for APNU/AFC by between 25 to 109 votes each, an average of 74 votes per box, amounting to a bogus increase of 1104 votes. Instead of a total of 1925 votes from these 15 boxes, Mingo gave APNU/AFC 3129 votes, an increase of 63 per cent. In each case, the SoRs and the SoPs correlate, but are very different from Mingo’s spreadsheet. With inflated numbers for 300 boxes, the increase is 22,500.
The thieving of votes was not only by inflating APNU/AFC numbers, as shown in the table below, but also by reducing the votes of the PPP. In four of the 15 boxes in which Mingo inflated APNU/AFC’s numbers, he also reduced the PPP’s numbers by a total of 77 votes. Reduction in 150 boxes would reduce the PPP’s votes by more than 3000 votes. This was their strategy for thieving the election.
As we survey the video and our notes during the reading out of the numbers for Region Four, we will find many more examples from the recounted boxes. This is how Mingo fabricated an extra 22,000 votes for APNU/AFC and at the same time reduced the PPP’s votes by about 3000. Every day, as more boxes from Region Four are counted, we will update this table to show the extent of the Mingo fraud.
As the recount unravels the fraud, each of these being a separate charge, it is important to note that Mingo could not do this fraud by himself. In fact, I wager that Mingo is just a small player in this major crime. He is merely the frontman, the pawn that was used by more powerful individuals. It is clear that he was carrying out instructions from the highest levels of the GECOM Secretariat. It is also clear that some of the Commissioners were complicit and even might have been directing the show. It is also clear that the rigging cabal in GECOM was not merely a rogue outfit, working for themselves, for their own benefits. They were being centrally directed by elements in APNU/AFC, thus the signature of Volda Lawrence on the illegal, fraudulent Region Four declaration.

Dr Leslie Ramsammy