Justice Singh: Take the fraudulent Region 4 declarations down from GECOM’s website

Dear Editor,
We cannot with any shred of good intentions or integrity – continue to keep the fraudulent declarations made by Mr Clairmont Mingo for Region Four on the Guyana Elections Commission’s (GECOM) website – it is a national embarrassment that escalates with each passing day.
Justice Singh, to have these revolting declarations posted on GECOM’s website and simultaneously claim that the declarations are being held in abeyance – both decisions stink to the high heavens.
From its fraud filled and abhorrent birth on March 13, 2020, to the daily revelations from GECOM’s mandated recount, we have seen with more clarity, the extreme deceit and unpalatable nature of the declarations.
Let us not render further disrespect upon the good people of Guyana, the Caribbean Community and the international community.
Please Madam Chairperson, take the Fraudulent Region Four declarations down from GECOM’s website and treat it as null, void – ab initio and invalid.

Nigel Hinds