GBA hoping to outline plans with Sport Minister

…disappointed at coronavirus impact on Badminton

Through a missive that was disseminated this past week, the Guyana Badminton Association (GBA) shared their disenchantment at the way the coronavirus pandemic has rearranged the sport and other related activities during 2020.

The Guyana Badminton Association executives

For instance, the GBA has been disgruntled at the non-hosting of the awards ceremony of the National Sports Commission, because that body was confident that at least one of its players would have copped a major award.
“We are also very disappointed there was no NSC Awards this year, where Priyanna Ramdhani would have easily gotten the Junior Sportswoman of the Year Award,” the GBA wrote.
More specifically, the Association disclosed that its players were forced to miss ranking competitions which would have pushed them up the ladder on the international scene.
“Another disappointment is because of all tournaments 2020 (have been) cancelled due to the pandemic, Priyanna missed a lot of ranking tournaments, including the World Juniors, which would have put her in the top 50 in the World”, the body expressed.
The missive also went on to share the training situation as it relates to the Ramdhani siblings; who train, compete and study in Canada.
“On the International Level, our two top players, Priyanna Ramdhani and Narayan Ramdhani, although they were keeping fit, finally got back on court training and gym training with their specific trainers in September with their respective College and University, Olds College Broncos and Kings University Eagles.
“Due to the demand of online classes, they are both living in Olds, Alberta and due to the COVID-19, The Alberta Colleges Athletics Conference (ACAC) Department implemented the Cohort System which outlines that a player can only play in one institution or club.”
It was further revealed that, “Because of this, Narayan has to drive for four hours (to and from) to Edmonton twice a week for training for two hours. This is some of the sacrifices players have to do to reach the high level, and (it) calls for great discipline.”
Based on their 2019 competition year, better returns were in store for the siblings in 2020. However, the coronavirus pandemic has put a damper on those plans.
“They both are lacking competition after a great outcome at the 2019/2020 season getting 4th at Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Nationals, 2nd at Provincials, 3rd at ACCA 1,2 & 3 Tournaments, Athlete of the Week four times, and being selected for the ACAC All Conference Awards and being on the Alberta ACAC Team”, it was revealed.
Looking at the future for both athletes, the GBA shared, “They are both planning to restart international competition in 2021, and with Narayan trying to qualify for the Olympics Tri-Party, he will have to attend four international tournaments before April 30th, to hopefully make it to represent Guyana at Olympics in Tokyo. So far, two of those Championships are in Canada and one is in Peru.”
In spite of these hurdles, it is the hope of the GBA that they will have the opportunity to interact with the new Minister of Sport, Charles Ramson Jr, on issues surrounding the sport and its development.
“We hope to meet with the Minister of Sport soon, to outline our Badminton activities, difficulties, and produce our detailed plan of a Badminton Building that we can all call home. With our own home, one can imagine the heights we can go, as we are already doing with less structure,” the body stated.