BCB considering the return of competitive cricket

…new COVID-19 measures permit sporting events

The new COVID-19 measures that will be in effect from November 1 permit sporting events to be held, subject to the approval of the Minister of Health and in compliance with any guidelines that the Ministry of Health may issue.
Additionally, gyms and fitness centres can re-open at 50% capacity under these new COVID-19 measures. From November 1 to 30, the coronavirus curfew would be in effect from 22:30h to 04:00h.
Berbice Cricket Board (BCB) will hold a meeting with its executive members at which the possible return of competitive cricket would be high on the agenda. BCB boss Hilbert Foster has said he is certain that all cricket clubs and cricketers are excited about Government’s decision to allow the restart of sporting activities, subjected to the approval of the Minister of Health.
Foster is aware that the COVID-19 virus is still a major problem in Guyana, and the cases of infection continue to rise daily.
“We would have to make numerous decisions to safeguard our players, umpires and officials,” he said. “A decision would also have to be made concerning the entry of spectators into venues and social distancing in the pavilion etc. Clubs would also have to be given adequate time to start practising, to regroup their membership and get their venues in order.
“I personally do not see a restart any time soon, but when we do restart, priority would be given to the tournaments that were stopped earlier this year. New tournaments would most likely be until next year,” Foster said via his social network account, handled by the BCB Public Relations Officer.
The new measures that would come into effect today (November 1) are: Every person or organisation hosting an approved sporting event shall be responsible for ensuring that the measures under the notice, as well as the guidelines that the Ministry of Health may issue, are complied with.
Gyms and fitness centres may be open, but only at 50% capacity of the building, and only by appointment, to minimise the risk and spread of the coronavirus.
The operator of a gym and fitness centre shall be responsible for ensuring that staff and customers comply with this notice and any guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.
Any person, operator or organiser, who is allowed to host an event or operate a business and fails to comply with the notice or any guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health may have that operation closed, or event prohibited.
Physical exercise is permitted only in parks, on roads, seawalls, beaches and by rivers and creeks; and where group exercise is conducted, persons shall maintain a physical distance of six feet from each other.