Gyms to reopen with 50% population

– Clarke urges members to use discretion

By Timothy Jaikarran

The year 2019 was a successful one for Kerwin Clarke. He copped the 2019 Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Bodybuilding Championships’ gold medal, which required hard work and dedication from the five-time ‘Mr Guyana’ title-holder.
Regrettably, with the onset of COVID-19, all gyms were kept closed, and social distancing came into effect, putting competition on hold. However, as at October 30, 2020, the Government of Guyana made it clear that, following the COVID-19 protocols, gyms can be reopened with 50 percent population.
In an interview with Guyana Times sport Clarke was asked his view on this development, and said, “Gyms being reopen is certainly a good, depending on how we the users are, or should be, reasonable enough to use our discretion to not overcrowd (facilities) and to ensure sanitisation becomes routine before, during and after usage of equipment or work station.
“We are currently dealing with (an adversary) we can’t see, so being away (from activities) never was an issue personally; but mentally, conditioning my mind is good for making wise usage of what’s available. I am trusting that users (would) be proactive in the most reasonable way they can, knowing the gym is a place where bacteria linger.
“Outside of that, once the protocols are properly adhered to, I’ll give myself the green light (to resume training like I should). At the moment, I am working on my eating habits by keeping my meals clean with the one common objective of not gaining anything (weight) that I don’t need.”
“With that being said, it is more than likely that individuals would have to reserve time slots when heading to gym. The gym has to be cleaned on a regular basis, there must be hand sanitizers present, and individuals must be 6 feet apart. It is also essential to add Clorox wipes to your gym bag, but the question on many users’ minds would be, ‘Can I use my mask and work out?’ Well, the answer is pretty clear by now, wearing a mask can prevent the spread of infected respiratory droplets from person to person. However, exercising while wearing a mask poses a number of problems. Masks can make it more difficult to breathe, which can be dangerous while working out.
“Additionally, they can quickly become soaked due to sweat and more moisture leaving the mouth during heavy breathing, and a moist mask is not nearly as effective as a dry mask. If you do choose to exercise at a fitness centre, you may want to remove your mask and maintain more distance between yourself and other patrons,” he advised.