GDF fit to protect borders – Granger tells Army conference

In preparation for the 55th anniversary of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) later this year, President David Granger on Thursday lauded the military for the improvements shown over the years.

President David Granger and officers of GDF

Addressing officers at the GDF annual conference at State House, the President recognised that all departments of the Force have undergone developmental changes.
“The Defence Force has effected organisational change in order to better identify and deter threats to territorial integrity and the national patrimony. The past five years have witnessed the Force’s regularisation, reorganisation, and recapitalisation. The Defence Force today is fit for role,” he said.
Nevertheless, the Head of State said more systems were being put in place to ensure a better-equipped and well-trained military.
“The Force’s recapitalisation programme has been boosted by increases in Central Government’s budgetary allocations. The Force has received financial resources to improve its capabilities. Budgetary allocations increased by more than 72.7 per cent from G$8.04 billion in 2014 to G$13.9 billion in 2019. Defence cooperation has allowed the Force to benefit from donations of equipment, training, and participation in military exercises with friendly States. It has enhanced cooperation in combating transnational crime and managing disasters,” he further stated.
Referring to his Decade of Development plan, President Granger said it would also cover the strengthening of the military and border security.
“The Coast Guard has the primary responsibility for safeguarding the country’s maritime zone and to protect investors operating there. The Coast Guard’s fleet and personnel will be increased continuously, to provide greater security of economic activity in the EEZ [Exclusive Economic Zone]. Technological improvements will allow for better surveillance and policing of our maritime zone,” the President remarked.
According to the Head of State, the country’s border security is important, especially with Guyana being at the stage of great development.