CANU intercepts fertiliser truck with ganja, cocaine

The Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) on Thursday intercepted a fertiliser-laden truck destined for Berbice with a large quantity of ganja and cocaine along Mandela Avenue, Georgetown.
Based on information received, two white salt bags containing the drugs were collected and loaded onto the truck by the occupants.
The bags contained 40 parcels of cannabis weighing 22 kilograms and two parcels of cocaine weighing 2.74 kilograms.
As a result of the bust, four persons were arrested and taken to CANU’s headquarters, where they were assisting with the investigation. The drug enforcement unit says it will continue to tighten its grip on narcotics distribution across the country.
In October 2019, CANU and the Guyana Police Force’s Narcotics Branch of the Criminal Investigation Department destroyed $188 million worth of cocaine and marijuana.
The illegal substances destroyed were from matters covering the period 2013 to October 2019 that were successfully concluded in the courts.
It was reported that the GPF accounted for 133 kilograms of cannabis and 74 kilograms of cocaine. CANU accounted for 30.7 kilograms of cocaine, 210.2 kilograms of cannabis, 304 grams of heroin and 602 grams of an unknown substance.
The destruction of the illegal substances is the second such exercise carried out by the law enforcement agencies in a short time-span, with the last exercise being conducted in November 2018.
During that exercise over $513 million worth of cocaine and cannabis were destroyed. A total of 132 kilograms of cocaine and 440 kilograms of cannabis were destroyed by the Police while 345 kilograms of cocaine and 554 kilograms of cannabis were destroyed by CANU.