GDF’s human resources to be strengthened – President

President Dr Irfaan Ali has announced key developments that will unfold for the Guyana Defence Force in the upcoming new year, especially efforts to increase and enhance their human resource capacity.
He made these remarks during the Force’s 55th anniversary commemoration on Thursday evening, sharing that a new aggressive programme is on stream and has already been discussed with Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier Godfrey Bess.

President Irfaan Ali

“I have already discussed with the Chief-of-Staff, an aggressive programme in ensuring we get more army officers, more soldiers, registered to the academic programmes that are aligned to the development needs of our country. This is very important, not only in equipping the army with the tools to carry out its function but the human resource capacity are extremely important,” President Ali said.
The Head of State went on to say that it is essential to have experts within the army that are skilled in oil and gas. This will materialise by including the Joint Forces in the 20,000 scholarships which Government is working on during their present term in office.
“It is important that within the army, we have experts in oil and gas-related disasters. It is important that we have experts in climate change. It is important we have experts in GIS mapping…The Government has a responsibility to help to prepare you to be ready for the environment which you’re aware of,” the President added.
He said this milestone is one which leads to a renewal of commitment and loyalty to the people of Guyana and paves the way for continued service from officers within the institution.
“It’s a milestone that leads to renewal: renewal of commitment, renewal of loyalty, renewal of spirit and renewal of our collective energy in ensuring the next 55 and beyond the next 55 are years that can be celebrated under the glorious cloud of knowing that each of us would’ve given our best to ensure that the future is the best.”

GDF Chief-of-Staff Godfrey Bess

Notwithstanding, he complimented the Force for their level of professionalism displayed.
The Head of State noted, “For me, you are the embodiment of professionalism and I think this is where we need to start. The army must always be the face of professionalism, the face of dignity and pride, the face through which every citizen of our country can turn to and be assured that they face comfort, knowing that in Guyana, we have a professional army with professional officers and leaders.”

Chief of Staff, Brigadier Godfrey Bess used the platform to assure that the GDF will transform itself into an entity that is capable of detecting threats in light of the impending oil and gas sector. He said security should be enhanced since much more is at stake.
“Ours is a small and still developing nation, yet we hold the promise of great things to come, as we forge ahead with oil and gas production. The Guyana Defence Force aims to continue its transformation in order to become resiliently capable of defending our nations against all threats to safety and security…The security and stability of our nation has now become much more important since there’s now much more at stake. There’s much more to be done to ensure the continued viability of our nation and the safety and prosperity of our citizens.”
Brigadier Bess said the Force remains committed under the leadership of Dr Ali, who is the Chief of the Armed Forces, to evolve and become stronger.
The 55th anniversary would have started earlier this month and is celebrated under the theme, “Together we toiled to arrive at fifty-five with greater efficiency for national security.” (G12)