GECOM is putting its house in order

Dear Editor,
Justice Claudette Singh is on course in having two important matters of the commission settled: having key positions in the secretariat filled, as well as completion of the house-to-house registration that was so much acclaimed by the Opposition PNC. All of these important issues will be addressed in time for Local Government Elections.
Getting things right at GECOM is great news, and a welcome development; it is a step in the right direction in the fulfillment of the democratic process. We want the democratic process to work freely, transparently, fairly and justly for all the parties involved. We want to run as far away and as fast from the backwardness and shame of the 2015-2020 period, when democracy hung in the balance and our country was earmarked to become the pariah of the Caribbean.
Thankfully, that lawlessness and shame was averted, and good sense prevailed. In this regard, GECOM must take cautious steps in fulfilling its mandate; as careful, proper scrutiny – no more no less – of every single person selected to hold office there is necessary. Those who are chosen to do the day-to-day administration of our elections must go through that acid test.
Now, the pace at which things are being done at GECOM is cause for concern in some quarters, namely the PNC Opposition, to be exact. They are of the opinion that things are moving painfully slow, and should be speeded up, but as I said in a previous paragraph, filling these GECOM positions must be carefully done, so as to avoid the pitfalls of yesteryear.

Neil Adams