Tribute to Mike

Dear Editor,
We hereby commiserate with the elders, together with the darling wife and children of Lakeram Singh, popularly known as Mike.
Mike was a leading member of the Mike’s Wellman Softball Cricket Team that travelled to Florida to take part in a competition. The day of the tournament was hot and humid. Mike was handed the ball to bowl; he bowled the last ball of his over, and then collapsed on the field. He was rushed for medical attention, and he expired rapidly, travelling to the heavenly zone on the 31st March, 2022.
The greatest gift of any community is to dwell among peaceful, enlightened neighbours. Mike and his family remain our close good neighbours.
The shock of his sudden death sent streams of doubt across the country, and shock to the near and dear ones that in fact he died.
Mike is not popular and dearly loved by many because he is a macro distributor in Guyana of pharmaceutical products; it is due to Mike’s charm, kindness, generosity and soft, sweet communication and persuasion, and without the use of obscenities as a means of persuasion to his staff, his workers, and members of society in general. He remained helpful to all who sought aid.
We cannot overcome the sudden passing of such a good and dear person, yet we have to come to terms with destiny.
From a simple unknown pharmacy, Mike has developed and built a magnificent multi-storey building in Blygezeigt which has now become the epitaph of his glory and the symbol of his heritage. He took none of these things with him, as material wealth is frail and fickle.
Mike has taken his fine, good and lofty character, honesty, charity, generosity and love of God to his heavenly home.
We of the Kissoon family sympathise with his darling wife and children, that his goodness and popularity will ameliorate the great pain they now endure at the passing of a good husband and great father.
We humbly pray that his soul may have eternal rest with perpetual light of the divine shining upon him.
We love Mike and his family.

J.T. Kissoon,
& Family