Police methods!!!

Dear Editor,
Of recent, the Government could be seen travelling throughout Guyana, meeting the people to listen to the community’s issues affecting them, and making decisions to assist. In addition, the acting Commissioner and high-ranking members of the Guyana Police Force could be seen playing their roles by also visiting areas and talking to the residents, and even major stakeholders.
I’ve no problem with these moves, because I’m glad to see many of the issues affecting us being resolved; however, my concern is that the GPF already have many issues that could be dealt with that don’t involve consultation, and they are not addressing them properly.
Editor, immediately after Ambassador Lynch issued the advisory on the crime situation around the Stabroek area, we saw members of the GPF swoop down on the Stabroek area, accompanied by media representatives, and inform the public of a glorious plan to regularise the area.
Lo and behold, a few days after, there were constant traffic jams at the various parks, mostly being caused by errant minibus drivers. People are continuously being blatantly assaulted and robbed around the Stabroek area during the day and night. Almost every night and into the morning hours, vendors shopped around the old GNCB bank and the selling area is being robbed. Vendors are reluctant to assist one another, because the criminals are armed and there’s no protection should they resist.
These criminals are known and regular, why can’t the GPF set up sting operations to get rid of these criminal elements? They are so brazen that many vendors and minibus operators know them, and would point them out as they pass. The way they move around also would make you be cautious/suspicious, because they move around without fear. It’s very sad to listen to the vendors complaining, and no one seems to have any interest in their well-being.
Finally, Editor, traffic jams don’t occur in the Stabroek area alone. They occur throughout Georgetown, and the outskirts are also facing this problem. Hopefully, with the new roads and roundabout, there would be a reduction. The GPF issued an advisory to the public, suggesting that the citizens could carpool. It is, again, a wonderful suggestion, but maybe they should advise drivers of the GPF vehicles that, unless there’s an emergency, they should not turn on their sirens and bully their way through the traffic, causing drivers to hurriedly go into the corners, and leaving chaos after they have passed.
Rarely could you see a Police vehicle in a traffic jam and waiting patiently along with the other vehicles. They would turn on their sirens and drive through without even looking to see what could be causing the jam. The senior ranks would have the heavily tainted Police cars, either going to pick them up or taking them places, driving recklessly, with sirens blazing daily.
It should be noted that many times Ministers’ vehicles could be seen on the roadways only with the lights flashing, and not bullying their way through traffic.
It’s a fact that the GPF is abusing their privileges, and they are part of the problem creating traffic jams. They should do a little house cleaning first, but that’s impossible. Many still drive around with their heavily tainted vehicles, and even going to work with them. So yes, the comedy show continues!

Sahadeo Bates