GECOM must dismiss all fraudsters!

Dear Editor,
Local Government Elections are due, and the Guyana Elections Commission must get rid of all the fraudsters and put systems in place for the holding of the Elections before the year is over.
The Commission has enough evidence of attempted fraud, dishonesty, insubordination, and willful refusal to comply with clear statutory provisions dictating that those before the courts must be sent home immediately. GECOM must, at all times, be fully prepared to hold elections. Constitutionally, Local Government Elections are due this year, and the PPP/C Government has allocated enough money in the budget for the holding of these elections. Hence, it is imperative that GECOM put all systems in place to hold free and fair LGEs.
The Constitution and the Elections Law Amendment Act clearly mandate the Commission to hire all staff, and all members of staff are subject to the directions and control of the Commission. All the sand dancing during the five wasteful months when the Lone Ranger went rogue and kept this nation with the PNC’s knees on our people’s necks must never be allowed to happen again. The courts at all levels – the High Court, the Court of Appeal, and the Caribbean Court of Justice – all ruled against the anarchists. The courts emphasised that the Commission reserves the power to discipline and dismiss officers as it sees fit. Hence the motion before the Commission to dismiss all those who are before the courts for fraud and misconduct must be implemented.
I am indeed disappointed to know that there was no GECOM meeting. PNC Commissioners have commenced their delaying tactics; they have reported that they cannot attend the meeting, and so the meeting is indefinitely “postponed”. This nonsense must stop! GECOM must prepare a work schedule and put Local Government Elections on the front burner. Vincent Alexander and his two PNC faithfuls must not be allowed to cripple our democracy and deprive the Guyanese people of their basic democratic rights!
It is imperative that GECOM cleanse itself by removing those dastardly elements and employing suitable persons who would hold free and fair elections. The Chairperson of GECOM must assert herself. She is a woman of substance, and she enjoys the support of the people of this country. Hence, her legacy must be a revelation that she presided over free and fair National and Regional Elections; and she must ensure that we have LGEs this year.
GECOM must have a period of continuous registration, then a short period of Claims and Objections, so as to prepare a voters’ list for the LGEs. This deviously willful absence from the GECOM meeting, resulting in postponement of the meeting, must not be condoned. GECOM must prepare a schedule with a comprehensive plan to deal with any emergencies, to ensure that the critical tasks before them are completed.
Our people expect and deserve strong leadership. Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo demonstrated that the steel of our people is further strengthened when our diversity is united. The strong leadership that we benefited from last year during turbulent times must continue.
Our local democracy must continue to be our nation’s strength at the grassroots level. President Irfaan Ali and his Government must ensure that we have LGEs this year. Our democracy must never flounder!

Neil Kumar