No cost can be attached to the lives of Guyanese

Dear Editor,
Opposition Leader Mr Joseph Harmon seems to be trying to daub the Coalition’s dirty past on the PPP/C Government.
His reckless and irresponsible statement will cement his position as the worst Opposition Leader this country has ever seen, and possibly the worst in the entire world.
His claims of “corruption and racketeering” and “fake vaccines” should be deemed a criminal act which would put the lives of many Guyanese at risk, including those of his supporters. What had they done to address the COVID-19 pandemic whilst in Government? They did absolutely nothing, except trying every illegality to remain in power. Sadly, during this time of suffering and death, they use the pandemic to enrich themselves and their cronies.
This brings to mind the Ocean View fiasco, which saw $1.6 billion being squandered to produce a ‘shell,’ not a hospital.Whilst trying madly to hold on to power, they were at the same time thieving left, right and centre. This Government had to spend $790 million dollars to bring this facility into operation.
Shame, Mr Harmon! Imagine, the Coalition even used our misery to steal. If the PPP/C were in government just after the March 2nd elections, they would have stemmed the increase in deaths and infections we are now seeing. Now the Coalition is throwing their filth at the PPP/C Government. Today, you are attempting not only to stymie the vaccination drive to protect our people from this dreaded disease, but to cast aspersions of corrupt practices, which shows your high level of insensitivity. This is not how a responsible Opposition Leader should behave!
Mr Harmon, it will definitely take volumes to actually highlight the many corrupt acts which were foisted on this nation by the Coalition during its tenure in Government. It was for only 5 years, but your Government ensured the Treasury was emptied, it depleted the reserves and went on a squandering spree which is unparalleled even when compared to the dark days of Burnhamism. The Health Sector was not spared. Billions in expired drugs had to be dumped. A condom bond cost this nation $12.6 million per month. This is corruption, Mr Harmon!
In addition, the Coalition sold out our oil patrimony for peanuts, and now they are barefacedly demanding that the PPP/C Government renegotiate the Exxon contracts. They filled their bank accounts to the hilt, and now want to daub their dirty and nefarious past on this Government. With the corrupt five years to their credit, they are now questioning the cost of an emergency supply of vaccines to save our people’s lives.
One life is important, Mr Harmon. Would anyone be willing to sacrifice the life of even one of their loved ones because of US$14 or Gy$2,800? You are fully immunized Mr Opposition Leader, and I am sure that all your loved ones are. Imagine, you have very scant regard for the lives of your own supporters! We must vaccinate each and every Guyanese! One life lost is too many.
We must all echo the statement by our President, Dr Irfaan Ali, who described Harmon’s diatribe as “shamefully reckless, selfish, and against the interest of Guyana and Guyanese”.
Our President promised every Guyanese a better life, and his Government is delivering, unlike the ‘Good Life’ offered by the Coalition that never materialised! The lives of all Guyanese matter, and cost is not a consideration.

Yours sincerely,
H Yusuf