Region 5 residents, farmers on the radar

Regal injects $3.5M in flood relief

– Regal branding continuing works in sports as well

The prolonged rainy season has led to countrywide flooding which has been classified as a level two disaster. The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) has been distributing food, sanitization and pharmaceutical hampers throughout the country, and has called on members of the public to donate supplies to help the cause.
To this end, Guyana’s leading distributor of janitorial items, stationery products, office and home furnishing, Regal Stationery and Computer Centre, has answered the call. The business group, with head office at 69 Seaforth Street Campbellville Georgetown, recently handed over $3.5M in cleaning supplies and other items to help citizens recover from the devastating effects of the flood.
The donation to the CDC comprised of approximately 530 cases of hand soap, hand sanitizers, disinfectant sprays and multipurpose surface cleaners.
The handing over was done by Manager of Regal Business Group, Telesha Ousman, who noted that the donation is to help fellow Guyanese recover quickly and safely from the effects of the flood. Ousman promised that another donation would be made directly to the residents and farmers of Region Five.

Telesha Ousman (centre) along with Imran Ally (left) and Deputy Director General of the CDC, Major Loring Benons, at the handing over at the Muslim Youth Organization on Woolford Avenue, Georgetown (DPI photo)

In a statement coming from the Hardyals, they said concerning the donation “The thing about it is that we’ve always been doing this over the years that we are in business, you know. So, you know, it gives us great joy and pleasure to do humanitarian work, and to even continue doing so.”
The Hardyals have also said that since they added Regal Sport to their business group, they have also been able to render support to other players, not only in the area of cricket, but basketball, football, badminton, lawn and table tennis among others.
The Hardyals relayed that with the contribution they have been making, it is their belief that they are giving the athletes the necessary items to excel in their respective areas. They duly noted that the company continues to render support wherever necessary, owing to the fact that they have had players under the Regal brand for 10 years and counting.
Over the years, the Regal name has assisted several persons and organizations in various ways, while the Regal cricket teams remain the most decorated outfit on the field. Nevertheless, this may just be the beginning, as the best is yet to come both on and off the field.
Regal Stationery and Computer Centre, Regal Décor, Regal Sports and the Regal cricket teams have been involved in regular acts of kindness, including in distribution of their annual Christmas hampers; toys and stationery to children; sporting goods for outstanding or budding athletes, and most recently a financial donation to the Bal Nivas Shelter for Abused Children and for completion of the Dharmic Rama Krishna Secondary School.
It is the vision of these Directors of the Regal Business Group, Ramnarine Krishna Hardyal and Mahendra Anil Hardyal, to see citizens have equal opportunities to live in comfort in their homes. The Hardyals have been pleased to assist the CDC and the Government in their relief efforts, and insist that Regal is open to extending an arm where needed.