“Golden opportunity” as 109 Sophia residents to benefit from BIT training

A significant 109 persons from Sophia and outskirt communities are set to benefit from a “golden opportunity” to be trained in a skill area, thereby making them employable and ready to earn.
The BIT skills programme was launched at the Georgetown Training Centre – an initiative that was realised through collaborative effort between the Youth, Culture and Sports Minister, Charles Ramson Jr; Tourism Minister, Oneidge Walrond; Minister within the Office of the Prime Minister, Kwame Mc Coy; and Labour Minister, Joseph Hamilton.

Some 109 persons registered for the various programmes – consisting of 55 males and 54 females.
“We’re giving you a golden opportunity. All these training you will participate in are free of cost. BIT will pay the trainer. BIT will give you a stipend…We have to ensure we understanding the knowledge you will acquire and that the certificate is useful and good. What is important when you go through this period of four months is the knowledge that you will acquire,” Hamilton expressed.
With almost equal number of females taking up this opportunity to be trained in a skill area, Hamilton commended them for thinking beyond societal expectations.
“You should be complimented because you’re thinking outside of the box. You’re not allowing society and man to keep you in this narrowness of life. I’m glad when I see females signing up for what we call hard skills,” he pointed out.

Ministers Hamilton, Walrond and Mc Coy with new trainees and other officials at the launch

To the new trainees, Hamilton encouraged them to apply focus and discipline to wholly benefit and grasp what will be imparted on them.
“For young people, a one-skill person will not be able to survive the world that is before you. You have to be multi-skilled and multi-talented. If a door is closed, you can open another,” he advised.
The delivery of the skilled programme areas such as heavy-duty equipment operation, welding and fabrication, electrical installation, information technology, and plumbing will be available. The monitoring of the programme will be executed by BIT team under the stewardship of the Labour Minister.
Commerce and Industry Minister, Oneidge Walrond commended those who expressed an interest in the programme, particularly women.
She further pledged her support to trainees once they become successful graduates to dive into the entrepreneurial field, by providing financial assistance through the Small Business Bureau (SBB).

One of the facilities where training will be facilitated

“You can get a start through the Small Business Bureau. You can get a grant and start-up money. That is why certification is so important. You can’t just walk off the street and say you want to launch a business as an electrician and you don’t have the certificates. These programmes are so important because you can show you’re serious and you’re certified,” Walrond explained.
Speaking about consistency, the Minister underscored, “At the end of the day, your lives are going to be better. Don’t let naysayers and negative comments keep you away from the programmes like these that are so beneficial to you and your children, your families. Keep trying to improve yourself. This is a direct programme of the Government that has come into your neighbourhood.” (G12)