Good Intent woman stabbed to death by drug addict son

– 4-year-old-granddaughter found unconscious

The community of Good Intent, West Bank Demerara (WBD) has been plunged into a state of shock after an elderly woman was reportedly murdered by her son.
The woman’s four-year-old granddaughter was also discovered in an unconscious state.

Dead: Jennifer
‘Judith’ Anderson

The dead woman has been identified as 62-year-old Jennifer “Judith” Anderson of Lot 21 Murphy Street, Good Intent.
According to information received, the incident occurred between Wednesday and Thursday. Anderson was last seen alive by her daughter on Wednesday, but her body was discovered on Thursday just after midday, sending shockwaves through the small village.
The elderly woman lived with her four-year-old granddaughter and the 38-year-old suspect. Police said it was alleged that the suspect was a drug addict and would normally steal items from the deceased.

The body being removed from the scene

When Guyana Times visited the scene, another son, Mark Anderson, who lives in another house on the same property, recalled being contacted by someone about 12:00h and told that his mother had not been seen for the day.
Upon hearing this, the man rushed over to his mother’s home and called out to her, but there was no answer. He went into the house and it was then he saw the motionless body of his mother lying face down on the floor in her bedroom next to a wardrobe, buried in clothes.

The house where the woman was discovered

“All I know is I come and reach her dead. When I came home, I search for her and I just see she lay down there dead, so I don’t know what really happened…The wardrobe clothes went on her. We don’t know what play out until the post-mortem is done,” he related.
The Police were immediately summoned to the scene and the evidence therein was processed.
The body was examined for any marks of violence, and several small circular injuries were seen on the face and chest. Checks were made for the suspect, but he was not contacted.
The West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH) confirmed the death of Anderson after her body was transported there. The young child was treated at the medical facility and upon regaining consciousness, she was sent away.
Relatives of the dead woman were still processing their loss. The suspect, a mason, remains in hiding, and Police have launched a manhunt for him. The body of the elderly woman is awaiting a post-mortem at the Ezekiel Funeral Home.