Govt cannot cherry-pick when it comes to the law

Dear Editor,
The CCJ has given its ruling that the No-Confidence Motion was valid and Article 106 (6) and (7) ought to take effect. The Court has also ruled that Granger’s unilateral appointment of the GECOM Chairman was invalid, null and void and as such, that Chairman must resign and a nominee chosen from the list submitted by the Leader of The Opposition. To date, only one aspect of that ruling has been complied with and that is the appointment of a new GECOM Chairman and nothing else. This is unacceptable behaviour where only some aspects of the Constitution is adhered to and others discarded. This is the height of dishonesty and brazen dictatorship by this Granger Government.  You cannot cherry-pick when it comes to the law and this is what the leader of this country is promoting.
Important sections of Article 106 (6) and (7), which state that the President and his Cabinet shall resign and a date set for general elections, has been sidestepped as the Government continues down a path of lawlessness. Even recent statements by Granger on the matter of his resignation and the setting of a date for elections seem to suggest that he is not prepared to accept nor would he set a date for elections, these actions are a direct violation of the Constitution. This is unacceptable behaviour and such actions cannot be allowed to continue with impunity. The president must be held accountable and must adhere to the rule of law.
A point of note here is that this entire process should have been completed by March 21, 2019, instead, the Granger Government has been pussyfooting around ever since and the aforementioned order was never complied with, so, technically, this Government is illegal. Eight months have passed since this order was passed and the Government has not resigned.
But these have been the actions of this Administration, that is, showing utter disregard for the Constitution and the tenacious holding on to office, irrespective of the many court rulings. The contempt for the Constitution and the rulings of the court are blatantly obvious coupled with the glaring fact that the Granger cabal wants to hold on to power for all its worth. I would like to tell Granger that the longer you hold Guyana captive, the greater and harder would be your fall come next election.

Neil Adams