President Granger needs to stop making excuses

Dear Editor,
I submitted a letter published on August 8 to which I referred to GHK Lall’s DemWaves article speaking on the House-to-House issue. I previously submitted a letter published July 23 stating my objections to the House-to-House exercise; as I will be removed from the National Register of Registrants Database.
Two things happened; I personally emailed my former educator to inform him I was replying to his piece and I attached both of the abovementioned letters so he can clearly understand my position. His response to me (privately) was quite different from his reply to me publicly. This is a non-factor to me currently, and should be noted.
My issue is that Mister Lall doesn’t see my point that a House-to-House exercise will lead us into 2020 for elections. As I’ve said before, how many more 90 days must pass? December 21, 2018, was 234 days ago, almost 3 sets of 90 days away. I strongly urge Mister Lall and all Guyanese to take a look at the GECOM work plan being circulated all over social media. It is clear that the way forward is to head to a period of Claims and Objections to sanitise the list drawn from the database – a database that has been deemed credible by many international bodies.
House-to-House is reinventing the wheel, GECOM has spent a decade creating this database. Young people have the opportunity to register during a Continuous Registration cycle as I did. I believe we can use the House-to-House to assist with Claims and Objections, but not the re-creation of a database. Don’t remove people that aren’t home from the list, they could be on holiday or like me, studying to come back to make our home a better place.
What I found surprising and this is what took me aback for a while, was the reference of the Constitution as “evil concoction that was crafted to mislead and tie in countless knots”. I agree with him that it could be nationally despised in certain aspects. However, flaws and all, it’s our Constitution, we as Guyanese people. It is what endows powers into the Government. Without the rule of law (the Constitution), there would be anarchy. If this is the case after September 18 (if no election date is called), I would urge all Guyanese to stop paying taxes. As we have now entered an anarchical period.
My cry for Guyanese to harden on their stances and demand elections now wasn’t one to lead to “harder hearts and hardest minds”. I would like to remind Mister Lall that hot water softens a potato but hardens an egg. It is all about the stuff that one is made with. We need to accept the ruling of the courts and move forward. President Granger needs to stop making excuses and give an election date. He has had multiple excuses since the 21, all with which he claims to respect the Constitution. Something he hasn’t done yet.

Nutana Singh