Govt MPs are correct in seeking to remove David Patterson from chairing PAC

Dear Editor,
There is no plot to remove David Patterson from the Public Accounts Committee of the National Assembly because the People’s Progressive Party Civic Government “is afraid of scrutiny of its accounts”, as is being claimed by the APNU+AFC.
This shabby defence that the Opposition has manufactured is merely to justify Patterson’s continued chairmanship at a time when public trust in him is at an all-time low. From news reports I’ve read, it is clear that the intention of Government MPs is not to remove Patterson altogether, but ethics and decency dictate that he removes himself from chairing this important committee, which is charged with overseeing Government expenditure.
As it is, he has refused to resign, so the PPP/C MPs are correct in pursuing the current course. So this docile and immoral attempt to tinker with the facts on this situation will not be victorious. All right-thinking Guyanese are watching.

Yours respectfully,
Erin Northe