Youths in Region 10 will support new multi-purpose complex

Dear Editor,
The Government of Guyana and the Minister of Culture, Youth, and Sport, Charles Ramson Jr, have recognised the importance of having good recreational infrastructure that promote healthy lifestyles, create inclusive communities and contribute to a high quality of living.
Thanks to the Government of Guyana, Lindeners will benefit from a new multi-purpose sports facility that would enhance residents’ quality of life while promoting sports and supporting sustainable prosperity for Region 10.
However, criticisms have been coming from a minority of persons in that region, those who apparently don’t want to see any such development in the region, since it was announced that the PPP/C Government was pushing for the Mackenzie Sports Ground facility to become a new multi-purpose sports complex that would bring more value to the town.
Let me assure Lindeners that Government has no intention of taking over the Mackenzie Sports Club. It is ironic that there are some who are calling for residents’ consultation, but are forgetting that, during the tenure of the previous APNU/AFC Government, there was no consultation on the construction of the “BAYROC” Sports Complex and the “DURBAN PARK” white elephant.
As a Lindener, I cannot believe – at this day and age – that we still have persons who don’t what to see development in this region and town, more so development for our young people in the region. I want to say to you all that, for the first time in the history of Region 10, youths are behind the People’s Progressive Party/Civic Government, and will support this development (project), whether you like it or not. The time has come for development to occur in Region 10, and it is indeed stupid for persons to think that a new multipurpose facility can be used for persons outside of Linden. Logically, it is in the town of Linden, it is in the centre of Linden, and the “People of Linden [have] that access currently.
Linden residents, we all know that the Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) is in dilapidated condition. What do we expect – that our Government would ignore a facility that needs assistance, a facility that would benefit the people of Linden, the entire region and the country at large? Sorry, that will not happen, our region needs modernisation, and we will have it done with help from our Government. The PPP/C Administration has made a commitment to every Guyanese in its manifesto, and that will guide Government’s policy.
Government will provide special funding for upgrading of sports and cultural facilities, as well as building sports academies in all regions. There are plans that would provide incentive packages for businesses that provide sponsorships or employment opportunities for sports persons; hence the people of Region 10 must benefit from these innovations.
For those who object to the major developmental work of our Government, my question to them is: What alternative do you have to present on your own to correct the dilapidated condition of the Mackenzie Sports Club?
The announcement by President Dr Irfaan Ali to include the dilapidated Mackenzie Sports Club (MSC) as one of three venues to be transformed into a state-of-the-art multipurpose sports facility is a clear indication that our Government cares about every Guyanese, including Lindeners.
Over the last weeks, there have been several visits to the Mackenzie Sports Club, where first-hand assessments were done. Officials from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport; the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and the Chinese Embassy had a consultation at the facility.
Coming out of the first visit by Minister Ramson last year, a second was made by the designing team led by Orin Boyce. Those visits were aimed at moving the process forward as the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Chinese Embassy officials came to have a first-hand look at what must be done to do a complete makeover of the MSC.
The Chinese team came on board since this will be a bilateral arrangement between Guyana and the People’s Republic of China. Through the Department of International Cooperation, the Foreign Affairs Ministry was there to assess the nature of this project, in order to help determine the terms and conditions and protocols which would be thorough, inclusive of the technical element of this project.
Presently, work is being done on the architectural design for the multi-purpose sports complex. Once built, this eagerly-anticipated new complex in Linden would promote healthy lifestyles for local residents, particularly youths and students.
Sports infrastructure like these would help keep our communities healthy. This new multi-purpose sports complex would give the community another focal point, allow Linden to distinguish itself on the sports scene, and contribute to the development of the region for future generations.

Our Government is proud to be making investments that improve the quality of people’s lives, contribute to economic growth, and strengthen our society by supporting renovation and rehabilitation projects such as this one. Government is demonstrating its desire to make safe and accessible facilities available to local residents, and to help municipalities ensure the long-term quality of their infrastructure.
In addition to benefiting athletes in physical education programmes, this project in Linden, Region #10, would enable Linden residents to engage in sports and physical activities, thus promoting the adoption of active lifestyles.
It is with enthusiasm that Lindeners must welcome the announcement regarding construction of the multipurpose sports complex. This complex is destined to become a special place for engaging in physical activities, entertaining the family, and hosting major sporting events. It adds to the facilities that promote the adoption of healthy lifestyles for all citizens, one of the values integral to the PPP/C’s Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development in Guyana and Region #10.

David Adams