$89M nursery school to be constructed at Martyrs’ Ville

The Education Ministry on Tuesday hosted a sod-turning ceremony for the construction of the $84 million Martyrs’ Ville Nursery School.
The project has been awarded to Dodnauth Construction and Supplies Company, and the time frame for completion is eight months.
Chief Education Officer (CEO) Marcel Hutson explained that construction of the new school would alleviate overcrowding at the Mon Repos Nursey School.
Children in the community previously had to travel approximately one mile to get to school, but construction of the new school would ease that strain on parents.
Huston noted that the new school would be staffed with quality teachers to enhance the teaching and learning processes.
Project Coordinator Ron Eastman has said the capacity of the new structure would be 270 pupils, and it would include modern amenities.

Sod turning by the Nursery students of Martyrs’ Ville community

“The project is an L-shape building. It has a modern sanitary block. It has an independent water system, and it has, as well, a vast area for an outdoor playfield,” Eastman explained.
Minister Manickchand noted that the aim of the Ministry is to provide universal nursery education. “It is our quest to make sure (that) all across the country, students of nursery age access nursery education,” she explained.
She further explained that the school was always seen as a necessity of the community; however, due to limited resources in the past and competing interest, construction was unable to begin much sooner. With the change of circumstances, at the very first PPP/C budget, the school was catered for.
“The next time we open school in this country, your children will be coming to a brand-new school,” Manickchand highlighted.
In addition, Manickchand urged residents and parents to be watchful and to assist the Ministry by overlooking the project, since it is for the benefit of the community.
“We are building it, but it is your school. Check to see if they say they are supposed to use four truckloads of stone and they only put two. You get us on the phone. This is your school for your children,” she posited.
The school is expected to be completed and handed over by August 31,2021.