GPF teams up with businesses to construct home for Linden family  

The Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) Police Division along with several stakeholders have come together to construct a home for a Linden single mother of two.

The foundation is set and blocks are being laid

Regional Commander, Superintendent Hugh Winter said the initiative which is in the initial stage was birthed after Police conducted a community outreach programme at Prosville, Wismar, where they learned of the woman’s plight.
Ranks from the Police Division, with the assistance of businesses and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), pooled their resources and started to construct the two-bedroom concrete home.
“The ranks brought it to our attention. Then we decided that we’re going to do it. When we visited the site, she indicated to us that she doesn’t have any outside bathroom, any outside toilet, no bathroom to bathe. It was just something put up with couple blocks around, no windows. You know, the condition wasn’t nice,” the Regional Commander said.
He explained that based on a needs assessments, the group donated a mattress to the single mother after which, the focus was placed on erecting the home. With the Linden businesses coming forward to donate materials, construction workers and contractors have volunteered free services in the humanitarian drive.
The Police have also contacted the Linden Electricity Company Inc to have electricity supplied to the home once completed. In addition, a plumber is on board with the initiative. The construction is expected to be completed in three weeks.