GPHC director’s job advertised prior to demotion

The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation has revealed that the vacancy for the position of a senior department head was advertised prior to his demotion some time ago.
Guyana Times reported on Sunday that the former Director of Medical and Professional Services, Dr Sheik Amir was demoted from his substantive post. A source at the hospital informed this publication that there seemed to be an ongoing purging of senior management.
Attention was pointed to the recent demotion of Dr Amir, who was the Director of Medical and Professional Services. Dr Amir, who has served the Corporation for over 19 years, is a decorated surgeon. The reasons behind his demotion are unclear. Dr Amir’s post was given to an orthopaedic surgeon, who spends approximately one-third of the year on missions in Belize.
In an attempt to refute Guyana Times’ article, the GPHC admitted that Dr Amir’s job was advertised while he held the position and that he was eligible to apply.
“Dr Sheik Amir served his entire tenure as DMPS and that it was at the conclusion of his contract, in accordance with best practice, the vacancy was advertised in all the daily newspapers…inviting qualified medical professionals, including Dr Amir to apply,” the institution stated.
While Amir, who served in the position, did apply along with three others, he was interviewed, but the position was nonetheless given to someone else.
“Four individuals, (names deliberately withheld) including Dr Amir applied and were all interviewed by an independent panel which consisted of personnel from the Board of Directors, the Ministry of Public Health, the University of Guyana School of Medicine and the GPHC administration. At the completion of this process the best candidate was selected,” the hospital said in a press release on Monday.
Dr Amir’s demotion comes weeks after former Director of Facilities, Andy Mahadeo resigned. A source close to Mahadeo confirmed that the director was pressured into resigning. He served the Corporation for nearly five years in managerial posts and has both a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering and a Master’s Degree.