GPO gets three new vehicles

The Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC) added three new vehicles to its fleet in an effort to improve the quality of service for mail delivery.

The Post Office Corporation, in a statement, explained that the vehicles are specifically for incoming international mails from the Cheddi Jagan International and Eugene F Correia International Airports and will improve the service for domestic, overseas and e-commerce mail service.

The vehicles were procured through the quality of service fund (QSF) from the Universal Postal Union, at a total cost of US$140,724 or $27.5M.

The fund is available for administrations in developing countries to benefit from contributions made by developed countries for improving their mail delivery.

GPOC also received approval for an additional $1.4M to purchase a printer and seven computers.

The Corporation said it is “immensely grateful for the support of the UPU and their continued dedication to the improvement of mail delivery and the smooth functioning of post offices globally as well as the swift process of approval for the projects”.